IBPS IT Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz

    IBPS IT Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz
    IBPS IT Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz Set-38:                            
    Dear Readers, Important Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO IT Officer Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

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    1).A scheme describes
    a)  Data elements
    b)  Records and files
    c)  Record relationship
    d)  All of the above
    e)  None of the above

    2).In SQL, the ____________ command is used to recompile a view.
    d)  ALTER VIEW
    e)  None of the above

    3).In SQL, which of the following is not a data definition language command?
    a)  RENAME
    b)  REVOKE
    c)  GRANT
    d)  All of the above
    e)  None of the above

    4).A relational database management (RDBM) Package manages data in more than one file at once. How does it organize these file? As
    a)  tables
    b)  relations
    c)  both (a) and (b)
    d)  either (a) or (b)
    e)  None of the above

    5).Which of the following is true?
    a)  Duplicate values are allowed in a primary key
    b)  Primary keys generally can be changed
    c)  Foreign keys are based on data values and are purely logical, not physical, pointers
    d)  You can define foreign keys without existing primary key
    e)  None of these

    6).Which of the following is not an advantage of the database approach?
    a)  Elimination of the data redundancy
    b)  Ability to associate related data
    c)  Increase security
    d)  Program / data independence
    e)  All of the above are advantages

    7).Which command is used to remove a table from the database in SQL?
    b)  DROP TABLE
    e)  None of the above

    8).In SQL, which command is used to changes data in a table?
    a)  UPDATE
    b)  INSERT
    c)  BROWSE
    d)  APPEND
    e)  None  of the above

    9).The distinguishable parts of a record are called
    a)  files
    b)  data
    c)  fields
    d)  database
    e)  None of the above

    10).The _________ contains information on the date stored in the database and is consulted by the DBMS before any data manipulation operation.
    a)  Data dictionary
    b)  Date table
    c)  View
    d)  Network catalog
    e)  None of these

    1). b)  2). a)  3). c)  4). a)  5). c)  6). a)  7). c)  8). d)  9). a)  10). a)

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