IBPS PO Prelims Exam Experience Shared By Mr. Saba Held on 3rd Oct 2015 (Slot-1)

    IBPS PO Prelims Exam Experience Shared By Mr. Saba Held on 3rd Oct 2015 (Slot-1)
    IBPS PO Prelims Exam Experience Shared By Mr. Saba Held on 3rd Oct 2015 (Slot-1):
    Dear Readers, one of our IG follower, Mr.Saba has completed his IBPS PO Prelims Examination today (3rd October 2015) Slot-1 and he shared has exam experience with us, and we have posted it here, candidates those who are yet to face their examination can us this.

    Guys I finished my exam 1st shift. 
    Attended 68 
    Resoning – 31
    Maths – 22
    English – 15
    Attend the section you are strong. My strong section was Reasoning. 
    So i attended in this order. Reasoning ( 26 mins) -> Maths( 25 mins) -> English ( 9 mins)
    Section wise review: 
    As Expected there was 2 seating arrangement ( Circular and Linear) . I just took 4 mins for circular and 2 mins for Linear.
    Circular was tricky bcoz they combined Blood Relationship with it like ( M’s daughter sits second to the right of M’s Father) . If you carefully analyse you can finish it within 4 to 5 mins. Linear was simple with two parallel rows facing each other. don’t get confused between left and right in this problem.
    There have 1 puzzle test which was very difficult like 8 people spend certain amount of money in 30 days. P spends on 14th day, Q spends on 16th day etx.. I just left out this section but there was one direct question asked which can be easily inferred from passage and answer.
    Syllogism -> 5 qns. 4 qns was easy and 1 was Moderate.
    You can easily get 5 questions if you practiced very well
    Inequality -> 5 qns. Another easy topic you can get really 5. No complicated conclusion.
    Blood relation -> 5 qns. 4 to 5 blood Relation in the form of sentence will be given, 5 questions will be asked. Drawing flow diagram can solve this in 3 to 4 mins.
    Simplification -> This was Moderate and not too much complicated just involving +,-,*,/ and sqrt. You could solve this in 5 mins or even less if you are good at speed maths
    Quadratic -> 5 qns. Moderate. 2 questions was in the form of ax^2 = C. So you can get 2 questions with ease and rest you should Use formula.
    Series -> 5 qns. 2 qns was easy. I attended only 2
    DI -> 10 qns. 1 graph and 1 table. Attended only graph type since it was easy. Don’t attend Table if you dont have time as it consumes lot of time.
    Misc. -> 1 SI, 1 CI, 1 cylinder problem, 2 probability, 1 Permutation and Combination, 1 Partnership, 1 percentage,etc.. Attend this section at last. I answered 4 qns.
    RC -> Due to lack of time i attended only synonyms and antonyms which conntained 5 qns.
    Error -> 3 was easy and 2 were difficult.
    Para jumbles -> Again due to lack of time couldn’t attend this. Skipping this part is better.
    Cloze test -> Moderate. Just mark the answers you are confident. Attended 5 out of 10
    Sentence complition with 2 blanks -> Attended 2
    If you are good at Either reasoning or quant. Attend atleast 20 to 25. Aim for 50 atleast with 90% accuracy
    All the best

    Our Sincere Thanks toMr. Saba

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