IBPS RRB Officer Model Question Paper with answer | General Awareness Part-I

    IBPS RRB Officer Model Question Paper with answer | General Awareness Part-I:
    Model General Awareness Questions for IBPS RRB Officer Exam-2014 with answers. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS RRB Officer Examination can use these questions.

    1).How much does the government has allocated for the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme(PMEGP) to create over 27 lakh jobs in the 12th plan period ending Mar 2017?
    a)   Rs.9,060 Cr
    b)   Rs.10,060 Cr
    c)   Rs.8,060 Cr
    d)    Rs.5,060 Cr
    e)   None of these
    2).As per the report, The Ministry of Environment and Forest presented the’ Indian State of Forest Report (ISFR) 2013’ which of the following statement is false?
    a)   The ISFR report is presented annually.
    b)   The total forest cover is 24.01 % of the geographical area of the country.
    c)   The total forest and tree cover of the country is 78.92 mn hectares.
    d)   The Indian State of Forest Report 2013 is 13th report in the series.
    e)   None of these
    3).The Women’s Singles title of the Australian Super Series badminton tournament was recently won by?
    a)   Kirsty Gilmour
    b)   Carolina Marin
    c)   Nichaon Jindapon
    d)   Saina Nehwal
    e)   None of these
    4).Which of the following was example of the agricultural price support programme?
    a)   Equilibrium pricing
    b)   A Price floor
    c)   A Price ceiling
    d)   Minimum price on which products can be exported
    e)   None of these
    5).RIDF was instituted in NABARD with an announcement in the Union Budget 1995-96 to provide low-cost fund support to State Govts and State-Owned Corporations. What is the expanded form of RIDF?
    a)   Road Infrastructure Development Fund
    b)   Regional Infrastructure Development Fund
    c)   Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
    d)   Railways Infrastructure Development Fund
    e)   None of these
    6).A term loan is supposed to be a Non-Performing Asset (NPA) if interest/or installment of principle remains over due for the period of more than?
    a)   90 days
    b)   60 days
    c)   45 days
    d)   30 days
    e)   None of these
    7).Which of the following countries recently signed a landmark trade and political deal with the European Union?
    a)   Latvia
    b)   Japan
    c)   Romania
    d)   Ukraine
    e)   None of these
    8).Which of the following states does not implemented Disaster Management Act, 2005?
    a)   Jammu and Kashmir
    b)   Gujarat
    c)   Uttarkhand
    d)   Kerala
    e)   None of these
    9).In which state does the 35thNational Games will be held from 31th Jan 2014 to 14th Feb 2014?
    a)   Kerala
    b)   Gujarat
    c)   Andra Pradesh
    d)   Karnataka
    e)   None of these
    10).6th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Reduction was recently held at?
    a)   Naypyidaw, Myanmar
    b)   Beijing, China
    c)   Dhaka, Bangladesh
    d)   Bangkok, Thailand
    e)   None of these
    1). c)   2). a)   3). d)   4). b)   5). c)   6). a)   7). d)   8). b)   9). a)   10). d)

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