IBPS RRB Officer Model Question Paper with answer | General Awareness Part- III

    IBPS RRB Officer Model Question Paper with answer | General Awareness Part- III:
    Model General Awareness Questions for IBPS RRB Officer Exam-2014, with answers. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS RRB Officer Examination can use these questions.

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    1).Name the Rajya Sabha MP who has been indicated by a US jury in an alleged international conspiracy to bribe state and central govt officials in India to allow mining of titanium minerals?
    a)   KVP Ramachandra Rao
    b)   GV Harsha Kumar
    c)   SPY Reddy
    d)    K.Keshava Rao
    e)   T.Subbarami Reddy
    2).Karim Massimov has been appointed the new Prime Minister of which of the following countries after Serik Akhmetov resigned recently?
    a)   Kazakhstan
    b)   Kyrgyzstan
    c)   Tajikistan
    d)   Afghanistan
    e)   None of these
    3).Which of the following sports association was derecognized by the sports ministry with immediate effect after refused to comply with ministry’s directives?
    a)   Indian Amateur Boxing Federation
    b)   Badminton Association of India
    c)   All India Tennis Association
    d)   Archery Association of India
    e)   None of these
    f)    None of these
    4).Among the following risk which is associated with the failure of internal process of a bank or business organization?
    a)   Credit Risk
    b)   Operational Risk
    c)   Procedural Risk
    d)   Settlement Risk
    e)   None of these
    5).First branch of Doha Bank, which got permission from RBI to open the branch in Dec 2013, is yet to open in which among the following cities?
    a)   Mumbai
    b)   New Delhi
    c)   Hyderabad
    d)   Bangalore
    e)   Kochi
    6).As per the Global Death Penalty Report 2013, released recently by Amnesty International in London, which of the following countries tops the list of leading executioners during the period of 2007-2013?
    a)   USA
    b)   Saudi Arabia
    c)   Iraq
    d)   Russia
    e)   China
    7).Women’s title of the 64thNational Basket Ball Championship was recently won by________ team?
    a)   Chhattisgarh
    b)   Railways
    c)   Tamil nadu
    d)   Punjab
    e)   None of these
    8).In a revamp of the cricket establishment BCCI, the Supreme Court handed it over to whom among the following during the upcoming IPL 7?
    a)   Rahul Dravid
    b)   Sunil Gavaskar
    c)   Kapil Dev
    d)   Ravi Shastri
    e)   None of these
    9).As per data available with SEBI, Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) has made net inflow of nearly ________in the Indian stocks during the fiscal year 2013-14?
    a)   Rs. 100000 Cr
    b)   Rs. 90000 Cr
    c)   Rs. 80000 Cr
    d)   Rs. 70000 Cr
    e)   Rs. 60000 Cr
    10).Which of the following is NOT a banking related term?
    a)   SWIFT
    b)   CAMELS
    c)   TRIPS
    d)   CAR
    e)   STRIPS

    1). a)   2). a)   3). a)   4). b)   5). a)   6). e)   7). a)   8). b)   9). c)   10). c)

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