IBPS-SO Marketing Officer-Professional Knowledge Questions

    IBPS-SO Marketing Officer-Professional Knowledge Questions-Set-11
    IBPS-SO Marketing Officer-Professional Knowledge Questions-Set-11:
    Dear Readers, Important Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS Marketing Officer Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1).Marketing plan does not have to be
    a)   Simple
    b)   Clear
    c)   Complex
    d)   Lengthy
    e)   Both ‘3’ and ‘4’

    2).A marketing plan is the collection of specific
    a)   Products
    b)   Markets
    c)   Staffs
    d)   Actions
    e)   None of these

    3).The marketing planning process includes
    a)   Goal setting
    b)   Analyzing the current situation
    c)   Creating the marketing strategy
    d)   Allocating marketing resources and monitoring
    e)   All of the above

    4).Goal setting includes
    a)   Mission
    b)   Corporate objectives
    c)   Both ‘1’ and ‘2’
    d)   Marketing audit
    e)   None of these

    5).Which of the following remains at the centre of any marketing process?
    a)   Target consumers
    b)   Product
    c)   Price
    d)   Promotion
    e)   None of these

    6).One of the key goals of the implementation function in marketing management is to
    a)   Carry out the set plans
    b)   Take corrective measures
    c)   Construct sales budget
    d)   Introduce a new product
    e)   None of the above

    7).Factors affecting the marketing planning include
    a)   Internal factor
    b)   National factor
    c)   International factor
    d)   All of these
    e)   None of these

    8).The internal factor affecting marketing plan include
    a)   Size of company
    b)   Financial resource of company
    c)   Channels of distribution
    d)   All of the above
    e)   None of the above

    9). Analysing the correct situation includes
    a)   Marketing audit
    b)   SWOT analysis
    c)   Marketing assumption
    d)   All of these
    e)   None of these

    10).Which of the following is/are the importance of marketing planning?
    a)   To offset future uncertainties
    b)   Economy in operation
    c)   Helpful in coordination
    d)   Helpful in control
    e)   None of these

    1) e)  2) d)   3) e)  4) c)  5) a)  6) a)  7) d)  8) d)  9) d)  10) e)

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