Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming Exams 2017

Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming Exams 2017

Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming Exams 2017 Set-133:

Dear Readers, The List of important Banking Awareness Quiz for upcoming exams was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

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1). ‘Birr’ is the name of currency of which of the following countries?
a)  Eritrea
b)  Haiti
c)  Ethiopia
d)  Latvia
e)  Romania

2). Which of the following has become the first Indian lender to complete a banking transaction using Blockchain technology?
a)  HDFC Bank
b)  ICICI Bank
c)  Axis Bank
d)  Federal Bank
e)  YES Bank

3). The main mandate of Payments Banks is to offer which of the following?
a)  Lending services
b)  Credit cards
c)  Bancasurance service
d)  Remittance services
e)  None of these

4). Under the RBI,s SDR scheme, banks can convert their loans into equity, acquire a majority stake in the firm and bring in new promoters, Here the term SDR means
a)  Systematic Debt Restructuring
b)  Special Debt Restructuring
c)  Supplementary Debt Restructuring
d)  Strategic Debt Restructuring
e)  None of these

5). What is “Stagflation”?
a)  inflation with growth
b)  deflation with growth
c)  inflation after deflations
d)  inflation with depression
e)  None of the above

6). Usually, the validity period of an Income Tax Refund Order is?
a)  1 months
b)  2 months
c)  3 months
d)  6 months
e)  None of the above  

7). Money laundering is related to —————————-
a)  To reduce the number of families which lives below poverty line     
b)  To reduce the NPA of Banks
c)  To reduce the Black Money 
d)  To reduce the umemployment rate.
e)  None of these

8). NAMAword is related to which organisation ?
a)  World Trade Organisation    
c)  International Monetary Fund
d)  World Bank
e)  None of these

9). Service Area Approach (SAA) is associated With?
a)  Development banks
b)  Branches of commercial banks situated in metro cities
c)  Urban branches of commercial banks
d)  Rural and Semi-urban branches of commercial banks
e)  None of these

10). When was the 2nd phase of nationalization of banks done?
a)  15th April 1980
b)  25th june 1969
c)  20th Aug. 1979
d)  15th Aug. 1980
e)  None of these

Answer Key:
1).c   2).b   3).d   4).d    5).c    6).c    7).c    8).a    9).d    10).a

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