Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming Exams 2017

Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming Exams 2017

Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming Exams 2017 Set-118:

Dear Readers, The List of important Banking Awareness Quiz for upcoming exams was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

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1). ‘MAT’ is an acronym which stands for-
a)  Maximum Alternate Tax    
b)  Minimum Alternate Tax
c)  Minimum Affordable Tax    
d)  Maximum Affordable Tax
e)  None of the above

2). DEPB (Duty Entitled Passbook) scheme which ended in September 2011 was related to-
a)  Foreign direct investment    
b)  Foreign institutional investment
c)  Export promotion              
d)  Import substitution
e)  None of the above

3). Insurance cover for bank deposits in our country is provided by ______
a)  SBI
b)  Government of India
c)  GIG
d)  LIC

4). Loans of very small amounts given to low income groups is called ________
a)  Cash credit
b)  Micro credit
c)  Simple overdraft
d)  No frills loans
e)  Rural credit

5). Union Budget is always presented in the month of
a)  January
b)  March
c)  April
d)  December
e)  February

6). Expand the term ALM as used in Banking/ Finance sector.
a)  Asset Liability Management
b)  Asset Liability Maturity
c)  Asset Liability Mismatch
d)  Asset Liability Manpower
e)  Asset Liability Maintenance

7). Money loaned by a bank or other institution which is repayable on demand is called as ?
a)  Call Money
b)  Demand Loan
c)  Cash Credit
d)  Short Term Loan
e)  None of these

8). What does ADB stand for?
a)  American Development Bank
b)  Australian Development Bank
c)  Asian Development Bank
d)  All of these
e)  None of these

9). Which of the following is one of the main functions of the Reserve Bank of India?
a)  Regulation of the Stock Markets
b)  Regulation of Life Insurance
c)  Regulation of General Insurance
d)  Regulation of Mutual Funds in India
e)  Banker’s Bank

10). In which of the following States there is no Regional Rural Bank?
a)  Karnataka
b)  Goa
c)  Uttarakhand
d)  Himachal Pradesh
e)  Punjab


1)b   2)c   3)e   4)b   5)e   6)a   7)a   8)c   9)e   10)b

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