Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming Exams 2017

Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming Exams 2017

Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming Exams 2017 Set-107:

Dear Readers, The List of important Banking Awareness Quiz for upcoming exams was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

1). What do you understand by the term ‘Mortgage’?
a)  Sale of movable security in the event of default by the borrower
b)  Registration of charge with the Registrar of Companies
c)  Making the security of immovable property available as a cover for a home loan by the borrower
d)  Registration of charge with the Regional Transport Authority
e)  Returning of the security to borrower by the bank of receipt of full payment

2). How many banks are presently associated  of State Bank of India?
a)  Eight   
b)  Seven
c)  Six   
d)  Five
e)  Four

3). If a bank is unable to refund the short term deposits as funds are locked in long term loans, it involves?
a)  Interest Rate Risk
b)  Operational Risk
c)  Liquidity Risk
d)  Market Risk
e)  Other than the given options

4). If credit facility applied for is rejected, the reasons therefore should be briefly mentioned in the-
a)  Loan Applications Received and Disposal Register
b)  Opinion Reports
c)  Loan Rejection Register
d)  All of the above
e)  Other than the given options

5). Escrow account is useful/helpful to-
a)  importers
b)  exporters
c)  people
d)  Assets
e)  Other than the given options

6). The ‘monetary base for credit expansion’ consists of _____?
a)  The total value of ‘high-powered money’
b)  The demand and time deposit liabilities
c)  The size of the deficit in the government’s budget
d)  All of the above 
e)  None of the above

7). ___________ has been declared the first ‘total banking state’ in India, successfully implementing the total financial inclusion thereby ensuring banking facility to all households.
a)  Maharashtra            
b)  Kerala    
c)  Himachal Pradesh     
d)  Uttarakhand
e)  Gujarat

8). The financial assistance of loans of Rs.10000 by bank to a small borrower will be called……….?
a)  business finance
b)  government finance
c)  micro finance
d)  small finance
e)  KYC finance

9). The Head Office of which of the following banks is in Mumbai?
a)  Punjab National Bank
b)  Bank of Maharashtra
c)  UCO Bank
d)  Union Bank of India
e)  None of the above

10). Which of the following state shows the fastest growth in expanding Micro Finance business in the country?
a)  Gujarat
b)  Andhra Pradesh
c)  Maharashtra
d)  Karnataka
e)  None of the above


1) c  2) d  3) c  4) a  5) b  6) a  7) b  8) e  9) d  10) b 
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