Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming Exams 2017

Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming Exams 2017
Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming Exams 2017 Set-171:

Dear Readers, The List of important Banking Awareness Quiz for upcoming exams was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

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1). The headquarters of Industrial Finance Corporation of India(IFCI) _____
a)  Mumbai
b)  New Delhi
c)  Chennai
d)  Hyderabad
e)  None of these

2). Rakesh Sethi is the MD and CEO of _______________
a)  Syndicate Bank
b)  Andra Bank
c)  Indian Bank
d)  Allahabad Bank
e)  ICICI Bank

3). What is the Maximum Percentage of Net Demand and Time Liabilities (NDTL) RBI is empowered to increase ?
a)  50%
b)  40%
c)  30%
d)  60%
e)  None of these

4). To authenticate a Digital Signature in Cheque Truncation System (CTS), which of the following keys are used..
a)  Private Key
b)  Public Key
c)  Master Key
d)  Both a) and c)
e)  None of these

5). Which of the following is the most active segment of the money market in India?
a)  Call Money/Notice Money Market
b)  Repo/Reverse Repo
c)  Commercial Paper (CP)
d)  Certificate of Deposit (CD)
e)  None of the above

6). Banking Ombudsman Scheme is applicable to the business of_________________
a)  All scheduled commercial banks excluding RRBs
b)  All scheduled banks except private banks
c)  All scheduled commercial banks including RRBs
d)  Only Public Sector Banks
e)  none of these

7). What is meant by ‘Underwriting’ the term frequently used in financial sector?
a)  Under valuation of the assets
b)  The Act of taking on a risk
c)  Giving a Guarantee that a loan will not become a bad loan
d)  All of the above
e)  None of the above

8). An increase is CRR by RBI leads to-
a)  Decrease in lendable resource
b)  Increase in lendable resource
c)  Decrease in deposit
d)  Increase in deposit
e)  None of these

9). How many parties primarily involved in a Promissory Note?
a)  Two
b)  Three
c)  Four
d)  Five
e)  None of these

10). Which of the following banks was first to establish merchant banking business in India?
a)  ABN Amro Bank
b)  Citibank
c)  HDFC Bank
d)  Standard chartered
e)  Grindlays Bank

Answer Key:

1).b   2).d   3).b   4).a    5).a    6).c  7).b    8).a    9).a    10).e

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