Important Banking Awareness Quiz for Bank PO and Clerk Exams Set-3

    Important Banking Awareness Quiz for Bank PO and Clerk Exams Set-3:
    The List of important Banking Awareness Quiz for upcoming Bank Po and Clerk exams was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

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    1).Particular branch of a bank which has under taken the foreign exchange business directly is called as ______ of foreign exchange.
    a)   Foreign Dealers
    b)   Overseas Branches
    c)   Exchange Branches
    d)   Authorized dealers

  • 2).Which of the following is responsible for the Insurance Coverage for the Bank Deposit in our country?
    a)   DICGC
    b)   SBI
    c)   GIC
    d)   RBI

  • 3).Among the following which has NOT included in the Financial Literacy?
    a)   How to Minimize the risks
    b)   How to reinvest the money earned
    c)   How to invest the funds
    d)   None of the above

  • 4).What is the name of the loans, which was given to low income group with small amount?
    a)   No Frills Loans
    b)   Cash Credit
    c)   Rural Credit
    d)   Micro Credit

  • 5).CDR stands for______.
    a)   Corporate Debt Restructuring
    b)   Corporate Deposit Restructuring
    c)   Company Debt Rollover
    d)   Company Deposit Rollover

  • 6).ALM stands for________
    a)   Asset Liability Manpower
    b)   Asset Liability Management
    c)   Asset Lending Management
    d)   Asset Liability Maturity

  • 7).The terms Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) and Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) are closely related to which of the following?
    a)   Banking Industry
    b)   Capital Market
    c)   Mutual Fund Industry
    d)   Commodities Market

  • 8).In the term LAF, ‘L’ stands for_______.
    a)   Long
    b)   Liquidity
    c)   Least
    d)   Liabilities

  • 9).The Banking Ombudsman________
    a)   Issue licenses for new bank branches
    b)   Is the head of all nationalized banks
    c)   Resolves complaints of customer
    d)   Fixes the rate of interest for loans

  • 10).Among the following which is NOT classified as a commercial bank?
    a)   Regional Rural Bank
    b)   Private Sector Bank
    c)   Foreign Bank
    d)   Urban Cooperative Bank

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