Important Banking Awareness Quiz for Bank PO and Clerk Exams Set-5

    Important Banking Awareness Quiz
    Important Banking Awareness Quiz for Bank PO and Clerk Exams Set-5:
    The List of important Banking Awareness Quiz for upcoming Bank Po and Clerk exams was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

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    1).Which of the following is a measure taken by RBI to control inflation in our country?
    a)   Contraction of Supply of Currency
    b)   Increase in SLR
    c)   Raising of Repo/Reverse Repo Rate
    d)   Increase in CRR

  • 2).What type of loan is granted by banks for purchase of the White Goods?
    a)   Mortgage Loan
    b)   Consumer Durables Loan
    c)   Consumption Loan
    d)   Home Loan

  • 3).What is s Stale Cheque?
    a)   A six months post dated cheque
    b)   A cheque which has completed sox month from its date of issue
    c)   A cheque issued without drawer’s signature
    d)   None of these

  • 4).Ram has been nominated in the savings account of Site. Ram requests the bank authorities to allow him to operate Sita’s account as she is unwell. What will the bank do?
    a)   As nomination will come into effect only after death of the depositor, bank will not allow.
    b)   Out of pity from Sita and on account of long term relationship, the bank may allow.
    c)   Bank can take a promissory note from Ram and allow him to operate the account.
    d)   Bank will allow Ram to operate the account as he is the nominee.

  • 5).What is mean by Mortgage?
    a)   Registration of charge with the Regional Transport Authority
    b)   Registration of charge with the Registrar of companies
    c)   Making the security of immovable property available as a cover for a home loan by the borrower
    d)   Sale of a moveable security in the event of default by the borrower

  • 6).Which among the following constitutes the largest percentage of retail loans in India?
    a)   Consumer Loans
    b)   Personal Loans
    c)   Auto Loans
    d)   Home Loans

  • 7).Credit risk to the bank is high from which of these cards?
    a)   Debit Cards
    b)   Credit Cards
    c)   ATM Cards
    d)   All of these

  • 8).Depreciation of an asset occurs due to________.
    a)   Fire in the unit
    b)   Theft
    c)   Labor problems
    d)   None of these

  • 9).Among the following which is NOT a source of funds of a commercial bank?
    a)   Borrowing from RBI
    b)   Capital
    c)   Deposits
    d)   Call money borrowings

  • 10).Among the following which is a Credit Card Association?
    a)   Citi Cards
    b)   Master Cards
    c)   Indian Cards
    d)   SBI Cards

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