Important Banking Awareness Quiz for SBI PO Exam Preparation Set-11

    Important Banking Awareness Quiz set-11
    Important Banking Awareness Quiz for SBI PO Exam Preparation Set-11:
    The List of important Banking Awareness Quiz for upcoming Bank Po and Clerk exams was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

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    1).A bank which accepts deposits makes business loans, and offers related services is called as_________.
    a)   Development Bank
    b)   Commercial Bank
    c)   Central Bank
    d)   Investment Bank

  • 2).What is the name of the banks which acts as a banker of all other banks?
    a)   Development Bank
    b)   Saving Bank
    c)   Central Bank
    d)   World Bank

  • 3).In which of the following type of bank account, a depositor can deposit his funds any number of times he likes and can also withdraw the same any number of times he wishes?
    a)   Demat Account
    b)   Recurring Account
    c)   Saving Account
    d)   Current Account

  • 4).In which type of account a specified amount is deposited every month for a specific period, say, 12, 24, 36 or 60 months?
    a)   Recurring Account
    b)   Demat Account
    c)   Current Account
    d)   Fixed Deposit Account

  • 5).An inter-bank funds transfer system, where funds are transferred as and when the transactions are triggered, is called_________.
    a)   Mobile Banking
    b)   Bill Payment Service
    c)   Internet Banking
    d)   Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

  • 6).Among the following which is the primary functions of the banks?
    a)   Acting as trustees and executors of the property of their customers on their advice.
    b)   Accepting deposits
    c)   Collecting and payment of cheques, rent, interest, etc on behalf of their customers.
    d)   Buying, selling and keeping in safe custody, the securities on behalf of their customers.

  • 7).What is the name of the terminal that used to swipe the credit or debit cards during payment of a service at a merchant’s store?
    a)   Shopping Terminal
    b)   Real Time Terminal
    c)   Point of Sale Terminal
    d)   None of these

  • 8).What is tagline of Bank of Baroda?
    a)   India’s Multinational Bank
    b)   World’s Local Bank
    c)   International Bank of India
    d)   India’s International Bank

  • 9).Among the following which is not the part of the Scheduled Banking Structure in India?
    a)   Public Sector Banks
    b)   Money Lenders
    c)   Regional Rural Banks
    d)   Private Sector Banks

  • 10).BCSBI stands for________.
    a)   Banking Codes and Standards Board of India
    b)   Banking Credit and Standards Board of India
    c)   Banking Credit and Service Board of India
    d)   Banking Codes and Service Board of India

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