Important Banking Awareness Quiz for SBI PO Exam Preparation Set-12

    Important Banking Awareness Quiz
    Important Banking Awareness Quiz for SBI PO Exam Preparation Set-12:
    The List of important Banking Awareness Quiz for upcoming Bank Po and Clerk exams was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

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    1).The Commercial Banking System in India consists of ___________.
    a)   Regional Rural Banks and Cooperative Banks
    b)   Scheduled and Non- Scheduled Banks
    c)   Nationalized Banks and Private Sector Banks
    d)   None of these

  • 2).EBT stands for_________.
    a)   Electronic Behind Treatment
    b)   Electronic Belated Transfer
    c)   Electronic Benefit Transfer
    d)   Electronic Begin Transaction

  • 3).Telebanking service is based on_________.
    a)   Virtual Banking
    b)   Online Banking
    c)   Core Banking
    d)   Voice Banking

  • 4).Among the following which is NOT a public sector Bank?
    a)   HDFC
    b)   Bank of Baroda
    c)   Indian Overseas Bank
    d)   State Bank of Mysore

  • 5).Systematic Investment Plans are a customer centric facility provided by which of the following?
    a)   Private Banks
    b)   Commercial Banks
    c)   Stock Brokers
    d)   Mutual Funds

  • 6).Among the following terms, which is NOT related to banking and financial transaction?
    a)   Credit default swap
    b)   Securitization
    c)   Consolidation
    d)   Provision coverage ratio

  • 7).Which one of the following does not quality as priority sector lending by Commercial Banks?
    a)   Small Industrial Loan
    b)   Software Exports
    c)   Small Business Loans
    d)   Education Loans

  • 8).A bank normally does not have a deal with as issue related to__________.
    a)   Intellectual property rights
    b)   Payment and settlement system
    c)   Contractual rights of creditors
    d)   Cases of insolvency

  • 9).Non-performing assets are cause for serious concerns for banks. Why are these loans known as non-performing?
    a)   Banks have to make provision for these loans in their balance sheet
    b)   Interest on these accounts are not charged
    c)   Recovery of bank’s funds are difficult
    d)   All of the above

  • 10).Banks has different interest rates for different loans products. To which rate are these interest rates linked?
    a)   RBI Administered rate
    b)   Prime lending rate
    c)   Base rate
    d)   Bank rate

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