Important Banking Awareness Quiz for SBI PO Exam Preparation Set-22

    Important Banking Awareness Quiz
    Important Banking Awareness Quiz for SBI PO Exam Preparation Set-22:
    The List of important Banking Awareness Quiz for upcoming Bank Po and Clerk exams was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

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    1).The rate of Interest payable on a bank deposit is determined by _________.
    a)   Financial Ministry
    b)   The bank concerned
    c)   Indian Bank’s Association
    d)   RBI

    2).What is the maximum period for which a fixed deposit can be accepted by a Commercial Bank?
    a)   10 years
    b)   15 years
    c)   12 years
    d)   14 years

    3).Which of the following instruments cannot be presented for payment in a clearing house?
    a)   Dividends
    b)   Demand draft
    c)   Fixed deposit receipt
    d)   None of these

    4).An average citizen cannot open a savings account in which of the following?
    a)   Cooperative Bank
    b)   Post Office
    c)   Commercial Bank
    d)   RBI

    5).Who among the following cannot open a bank account?
    a)   Person of unsound mind
    b)   A minor
    c)   A blind individual
    d)   A illiterate person

    6).Which among the following schemes is NOT meant for investment purpose?
    a)   Mutual funds
    b)   Infrastructure bonds
    c)   National Savings certificates
    d)   Letter of Credits

    7).Savings accounts with zero balance can be opened for_______.
    a)   Employees of IT companies
    b)   Women customers
    c)   Weaker sections of society
    d)   Persons of high net worth

    8).Systematic Investment plans are related to _________.
    a)   Mutual Funds
    b)   Post office savings schemes
    c)   Life Insurance Companies
    d)   Commercial Banks

    9).RBI stipulates a healthy mix of CASA in the business figures of banks. What does it denotes?
    a)   Credit and savings aggregate
    b)   Cost Appreciation and selling Analysis
    c)   Current Account and Savings Account
    d)   Customer Analysis and Savings Pattern

    10).Banks are authorized to sell which of the following third party products?
    a)   Mutual Funds
    b)   Debit cards
    c)   Gift Cheques
    d)   Term Deposits

    1). b)   2). a)   3). c)   4). d)   5). a)   6). d)   7). c)   8). a)   9). c)   10). a)

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