Important Banking Awareness Quiz for SBI PO Exam Preparation Set-8

    Important Banking Awareness Quiz
    Important Banking Awareness Quiz for SBI PO Exam Preparation Set-8:
    The List of important Banking Awareness Quiz for upcoming Bank Po and Clerk exams was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

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    1).Among the following who is the largest share holder of a nationalized bank?
    a)   Government of India
    b)   RBI
    c)   SBI
    d)   NABARD

  • 2).Banks in our country normally publicize that additional interest rate is allowed on retail domestic term deposit of_______.
    a)   Married Women
    b)   Minors
    c)   Senior Citizen
    d)   Government Employees

  • 3).When the rate of inflation increases__________.
    a)   Amount of money circulation decreases
    b)   Purchasing power of money decreases
    c)   Value of the money increases
    d)   Purchasing power of money increase

  • 4).Among the following which is NOT considered as the money market instrument?
    a)   Shares and bonds
    b)   Commercial paper
    c)   Repurchase agreement
    d)   Certificate of deposit

  • 5).Which of the following is an example for the financial assets?
    a)   Infrastructure Bonds
    b)   Indira Vikas
    c)   Krishi Vikas
    d)   All the above

  • 6).Capital Market is a market that deals with_______.
    a)   Long term funds
    b)   Gilt-edge securities
    c)   Short term funds
    d)   None of these

  • 7).Regional and Rural Banks fall within supervisory purview of_________.
    a)   RBI
    b)   SEBI
    c)   IRDA
    d)   SBI

  • 8).Among the following which does not comes under the category of Development Banks?
    a)   State Finance Corporation
    b)   Export-Import Banks
    c)   Industrial Development Bank of India
    d)   Industrial Investment Bank of India

  • 9).Which of the following is not an example of primary securities?
    a)   Bonds
    b)   Bills
    c)   New Currency
    d)   Shares

  • 10).Bombay Stock Exchange was made functional as early as__________.
    a)   1850
    b)   1930
    c)   1910
    d)   1870

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