Important Computer Questions Asked in Previous Year Papers for Upcoming Exams 2017

    Important Computer Questions Asked in Previous Year Papers for IBPS RRB/Clerk 2016
    Important Computer Questions Asked in Previous Year Papers for Upcoming Exams 2017 Set-46:
    Dear Readers, the List of important computer Quiz from previous year papers were given here for upcoming exams 2017 was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the exams can use this.

    1). Which computer virus records every movement you make on your computer?
    a)  Malware Android
    b)  Key logger
    c)  DoS
    d)  Trapper
    e)  None of these

    2). The Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of:
    a)  Input, output and processing
    b)  Control unit, primary storage& secondary storage
    c)  Control unit, arithmetic-logic unit, primary storage
    d)  Control unit, processing, and primary storage
    e)  None of the above

    3). Which of the following people probably has the least amount of technical knowledge?
    a)  Programmer
    b)  User
    c)  System analyst
    d)  Computer operator
    e)  Computer professional

    4). Dynamic Adhoc Wireless Networks (DAWN) usually come under ___?
    a)  2G
    b)  3G
    c)  4G
    d)  5G
    e)  None of these

    5). What do we call an input/output device on a computer, reserved for communication between the computer operator or maintenance engineer and the computer?
    a)  EDP Device
    b)  Console
    c)  Jokey
    d)  Link Device
    e)  None of these

    6).An electronic path, that sends signals from one part of computer to another is ?
    a)  Logic Gate
    b)  Modem
    c)  Bus
    d)  Serial Port
    e)  None of these

    7). Which type of software is an operating system ?
    a)  Utility Software
    b)  System Software
    c)  Application Software
    d)  Firmware Software
    e)  None of these

    8). The fastest memory in a computer system is:
    a)  ROM           
    b)  RAM
    c)  Cache       
    d)  Hard disk
    e)  None of these

    9). Virtual memory is
    a)  an extremely large main memory.
    b)  an extremely large secondary memory.
    c)  an illusion of extremely large main memory
    d)  a type of memory used in super computers.
    e)  None of these

    10).How many different documents can you have open at any one time ?
    a)  Not more than three
    b)  Only one
    c)  As many as your computer memory will hold
    d)  No more than your Taskbar can display
    e)  None of these


    1). B)   2). C)   3). B)   4). D)   5). B)  6). C)  7). B)  8). C)  9). C)  10). C)

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