Important Computer Questions for LIC AAO and Upcoming Exams

    Important Computer Questions for LIC AAO and Upcoming Exams
    Important Computer Questions for LIC AAO and Upcoming Exams Set-28:  
    Dear Readers, Important Computer Questions for LIC AAO and all Upcoming Exams was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1).The most widely used code that represents each characters as a unique 8-bit code is
    a)  ASCII
    b)  Unicode
    c)  Binary numbering system
    d)  EBCDIC
    e)  None of these

    2).Operating systems and utility programs are in a class of software known as
    a)  Applications software
    b)  Sequential software
    c)  Software suites
    d)  BIOS software
    e)  System software

    3).A workbook is a collection of
    a)  Page setup
    b)  Buttons
    c)  Diagrams
    d)  Chats
    e)  Worksheets

    4).____ appear at the bottom of the excel window.
    a)  Sheet tabs
    b)  Name box
    c)  Formula bar
    d)  Title bar
    e)  None of these

    5).Which of the following is another name for a pre-programmed formula in excel?
    a)  Range
    b)  Graph
    c)  Function
    d)  Cell
    e)  None of these

    6).To save a document for the first time, ___ option is used.
    a)  Save as
    b)  Save first
    c)  Save on
    d)  copy
    e)  None of these

    7).In order to choose the font for a sentence in a word document,
    a)  Select font in the format menu
    b)  Select font in the edit menu
    c)  Select font in the tools menu
    d)  Select font in the insert menu
    e)  None of these

    8).The ALU perform ____ operations.
    a)  Logarithm-based
    b)  ASCII
    c)  Algorithm-based
    d)  Arithmetic
    e)  None of these

    9).Which of the following is not a function category in excel?
    a)  Logical
    b)  Data Series
    c)  Financial
    d)  Text
    e)  None of these

    10).In excel, which is a prerecorded formula that provides a shortcut for complex calculations?
    a)  Value
    b)  Data series
    c)  Function
    d)  Field
    e)  None of these

    1) a)  2) e)  3) e)  4) a)  5) c)  6) a)  7) a)  8) d)  9) b)  10) c)

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