Important Computer Questions for LIC AAO and Upcoming Exams

    Important Computer Questions for LIC AAO and Upcoming Exams
    Important Computer Questions for LIC AAO and Upcoming Exams Set-26:  
    Dear Readers, Important Computer Questions for LIC AAO and all Upcoming Exams was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1).VIRUS Stands for ________.
    a)  Vital Information Region Under Siege
    b)  Vital Information Recourse Under System
    c)  Vital Information Resource Under Secure
    d)  Vital Information Resource Under Siege
    e)  Virus Information Resource Under Siege

    2).Verification of a login name and password is known as ________.
    a)  Configuration
    b)  Accessibility
    c)  Logging in
    d)  Authentication
    e)  Subscription

    3).Microsoft Word is an example of a/an _____.
    a)  System software
    b)  Application software
    c)  Operating System
    d)  Processing device
    e)  Input device

    4).What does the acronym PDF stands for ________.
    a)  Portable Documentation File
    b)  Portable Document Format
    c)  Portable Document File
    d)  Portable Document Format
    e)  Portable Documentation Format

    5).Which of the following refers to programs stored in ROM?
    a)  Hardware
    b)  Software
    c)  Peripheral
    d)  Firmware
    e)  Freeware

    6).In processing cheques, which of the following PO techniques have Indian banks traditionally followed?
    a)  VRT
    b)  OMR
    c)  OCR
    d)  Barcode
    e)  MICR

    7).Windows Explorer is the name of __________.
    a)  A drive
    b)  A file manager
    c)  A web browser
    d)  An internet server
    e)  A network

    8).GUI stands for ________.
    a)  Graphical Universal Interference
    b)  Graphic Universal Interface
    c)  Graphical User Interface
    d)  Graphical Unity Interference
    e)  Graph Utility Interference

    9).__________ is the process of finding errors in software code.
    a)  Exchanging
    b)  Debugging
    c)  Running
    d)  Compressing
    e)  None of these

    10).DOS stands for _________.
    a)  Disk Operating Session
    b)  Disk Operating System
    c)  Digital Operating System
    d)  Disk Opening Source
    e)  Digital Open System

    1). d)  2). d)  3). b)  4). b)  5). d)  6). e)  7). b)  8). c)  9). b)  10). b)

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