Important Computer Questions for LIC AAO and Upcoming Exams

    Important Computer Questions for LIC AAO and Upcoming Exams
    Important Computer Questions for LIC AAO and Upcoming Exams Set-20:  
    Dear Readers, Important Computer Questions for LIC AAO and all Upcoming Exams was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1).Software that is activity utilized by end-users (like word or Photoshop) is called
    a)   actionware
    b)   operating system
    c)   system software
    d)   driver
    e)   application software

    2).Using a ______ helps to place an image into a live. video conference
    a)   printer
    b)   digital camera
    c)   video camera
    d)   webcam
    e)   scanner

    3).Programmes designed to perform specific tasks related to managing computer resources are called
    a)   helper software
    b)   system software
    c)   Operating system
    d)   application software
    e)   utility program

    4).A rectangular area on a computer screen that can contain a document, program, or messages is referred to as a(n)
    a)   field
    b)   opening
    c)   window
    d)   tublet
    e)   cell

    5).The storage locations in the internal storage of a CPU is called
    a)   reference points
    b)   addresses
    c)   contents
    d)   mask
    e)   locations

    6).Of the following types of computers, which is the most powerful?
    a)   laptop
    b)   minicomputer
    c)   mainframe computer
    d)   supercomputer
    e)   microcomputer

    7).An input device which can read characters directly from an ordinary piece of paper is
    a)   OMR
    b)   POS
    c)   OCR
    d)   MSI
    e)   CD

    8).The radian of a number system
    a)   has nothing to do with digit position value
    b)   equals the number of its distinct counting digits
    c)   is more than the number of its distinct counting digits
    d)   is always an even number
    e)   is variable

    9).Which of the following statements is false?
    a)   passwords are case-sensitive
    b)   passwords are not echoed on the screen for security reason
    c)   a good password should be not more than six characters long
    d)   password is a secret code that authenticates a person to the computer
    e)   passwords should be changed freuently

    10).The most common method for gaining access to the internet is through a
    a)   dump terminal
    b)   keyboard
    c)   provide odr host computer
    d)   virtual provider or computer
    e)   point-to-point computer

    1) e)  2) d)  3) e)  4) c)  5) b)  6) d)  7) c)  8) b)  9) c)  10) c)

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