Important Computer Questions for Upcoming Bank PO and Clerk Exams Set-10:

    SBI PO Exam 2015 Preparation
    Important Computer Questions for Upcoming Bank PO and Clerk Exams Set-10:
    The List of Important Expected Computer Questions for Upcoming IBPS PO/Clerk/RRB Exams was given below. Candidates those who are preparing for the examinations can use these questions.

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    1).Among the following which is the faster communication channel?
    a)   Optical fiber
    b)   Micro wave
    c)   Radio wave
    d)   All are operating at nearly the same propagation speed
    e)   None of these

    2).A cursor is________.
    a)   Pressing and holding the main mouse button.
    b)   A symbol that designates the position on the screen where text or codes will be inserted or deleted.
    c)   To make a selection from the document and duplicate it on the clipboard
    d)   A button in a dialog box
    e)   None of these

    3).What is mean by Cut______.
    a)   To take a selection from the document and move it to the Clipboard.
    b)   To cut a document in two equal parts.
    c)   To cut a document in two unequal parts
    d)   Only b and c above are correct.
    e)   None of these

    4).___________ means to enlarge a window to its maximum area so that it will full entire desktop
    a)   Maximize
    b)   Extend
    c)   Enlarge
    d)   Zoom
    e)   None of these

    5).What is HTML_______.
    a)   It is developed for world wide web (www)
    b)   To make formatted web documents with links, those can be viewed in Web Browser.
    c)   Used for all the formatted documents.
    d)   All of the above
    e)   None of these

    6).Define icon?
    a)   It is small graphical image which is used to represent an application, command, or a tool.
    b)   It is some action performed when something like menu or button is clicked
    c)   Both a and b
    d)   A folder
    e)   None of these

    7).___________ is an area of memory assigned to store any e-mail message for the user
    a)   Post – Box
    b)   Outlook Express
    d)   Mailbox
    e)   None of these

    8).A software to convert a complete HLL Program to machine language in one go _____.
    a)   compiler
    b)   loader
    c)   assembler
    d)   interpreter
    e)   None of these

    9).Gopher displays a set of resources on the Internet in the form of _______.
    a)   Lists and menus
    b)   Icons
    c)   Options
    d)   Bothe (2) and (3)
    e)   None of these

    10).When a language has the capability to produce new data types, it is said to be ___________.
    a)   Reprehensible
    b)   Encapsulated
    c)   Extensible
    d)   Overloaded
    e)   None of these

    1). d)   2). b)   3). a)   4). a)   5). a)   6). c)   7). d)   8). a)   9). a)   10). a)

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