Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for RBI Grade B& Upcoming Competitive Exams 2017

Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for RBI Grade B& Upcoming Competitive Exams 2017

[Dated: 28th May] Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for RBI Grade B& Upcoming Exams 2017 (25th May 2017):

Dear Readers, Here we have given the Current Affairs GK questions based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates those who are preparing for Upcoming Banking exams can use these questions.

1). India’s largest public sector lender SBI recently announced to sell their bad loan worth of _________.
a)  1,755 crore rupees
b)  1,563 crore rupees
c)  1,471 crore rupees
d)  1,324 crore rupees
e)  1,571 crore rupees

2). World Bank International Financial Corp has planned to invest how much amount in Kedaara Capital Fund II LLP?
a)  30 million USD
b)  35 million USD
c)  45 million USD
d)  40 million USD
e)  25 million USD

3). Public sector lender SBI has launched hackathon for developers, startups and students to come up with innovative ideas and solutions for the banking sector. What is the name of the hackathon?
a)  Secure Banking
b)  Code For Bank
c)  Banking Under Control
d)  Firewall For Bank
e)  Curb Hacking On Bank

4). Lenin Moreno was recently appointed as a new president of which country?
a)  Brazil
b)  Cuba
c)  Spain
d)  Ecuador
e)  Mexico

5). Who has been recently appointed as a new general counsel by TATA Sons?
a)  Shuva Mandal
b)  Ashok mittal
c)  Rajesh Mishra
d)  Rakesh sharma
e)  Shivashankar

6). ICC announced a long term partnership deal with which of the following Brand?
a)  Tissot
b)  Rado
c)  Hublot
d)  Parx
e)  Tommy

7). Recently, government has approved issuing bonds of _______ crore rupees for renewable energy Schemes?
a)  2,360 crore rupees
b)  3,623 crore rupees
c)  2,235 crore rupees
d)  3,745 crore rupees
e)  2,508 crore rupees

8). Who is the winner of the CEAT International Cricketer of the Year award 2016/17?
a)  Rohit Sharma
b)  Ravichandran Ashwin
c)  Virat Kohli
d)  Suresh Raina
e)  MS Dhoni

9). Shubman Gill belongs to which of the following sport?
a)  Shooting
b)  Boxing
c)  Cricket
d)  Wrestling
e)  Squash

10). which of the following state government recently has launched an e-clinics service for farmers with the aim to double farmer’s income?
a)  Haryana
b)  Maharashtra
c)  Punjab
d)  Madhya Pradesh
e)  Jammu& Kashmir

11). How many countries are there in the African union and which day is celebrated as Africa day?
a)  45 countries, 22nd May
b)  47 countries, 23rd May
c)  55 countries, 25th May
d)  51 countries, 25th June
e)  57 countries, 23rd June

12). What is the theme of the Africa day for the year 2017?
a)  Harnessing The Demographic Dividend Through Investments In Youth.
b)  Developing African Nations Towards Technology.
c)  Africa On The Move For Better  Future
d)  Terrorism Free Nation Is The Goal

e)  Save Energy, Food For The People In Africa

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