Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams 2017

Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams (29th January 2017):

Dear Readers, Here we have given the Current Affairs GK questions based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates those who are preparing for Upcoming Banking exams can use these questions.
1).  Indian Meteorological Department, IMD has decided to set up weather stations in ____ districts of the country
a)   666    
b)   735     
c)   590   
d)   660     
e)   642

2).National Immunization Day 2017 is celebrated on _____ ?
a)   25th Jan      
b)   29th Jan      
c)   31st Jan     
d)   17th Jan      
e)   21st Jan 

3). _______ beach in India received prohibitory orders under Section 144 until February 12.
a)   Gokarna     
b)   Ganpatipule      
c)   Marina        
d)   Marari     
e)   Kovalam 

4).North East Film Festival held at _____ on 29th January.
a)   Pune     
b)   Kolkata     
c)   Mumbai     
d)   Patna     
e)   Hyderabad   

5).Which airline has launched a special charter service allowing passengers to fly with their pet dogs in the main cabin.
a)   Emirates Airline     
b)   Asiana Airlines      
c)   Jet Airways     
d)   Japan Airlines       
e)   Frontier Airlines

6).The metal found by scientist that conducts electricity but not heat is ______ ?
a)   Zinc Promethium        
b)   Vanadium dioxide        
c)   Chromium oxide      
d)   Germanium Fluorine      
e)   Niobium Iron

7).2017 Australian open mixed title won by ______ pair by defeating  :  Sania Mirza- Ivan Dodig pair.
a)   Edgar Moon – Daphne Cozens    
b)   Abe Kay- May Blick    
c)   Allan Stone – Margaret Court     
d)   Andy Ram – Nathalie Dechy     
e)   Abigail Spears – Juan Sebastian Cabal

8).Which institute has been ranked the world’s fourth largest producer of billion-dollar startups, according to a study by UK-based accounting company Sage ?
a)   University of Delhi       
b)   University of Calcutta      
c)    Birla Institute of Technology and Science       
d)   Indian Institute of Technology    
e)   Nagaland University

9). Which E-commerce company has expanded its grocery and household items delivery service to 14 Indian cities additionally ?
a)   Flipkart    
b)   Snap deal    
c)   Amazon      
d)   Ebay     
e)   ShopClues

10)._________ is a famous personality, who got advance payment for his memoir
a)   Barack Obama       
b)   Usain bolt     
c)   Lionel Messi     
d)   Michael Phelps     
e)   Fidel Castro

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