Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for Upcoming SBI PO Exams 2017

[Dated: 17th May] Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for Upcoming SBI PO Exams (13th& 14th May 2017):

Dear Readers, Here we have given the Current Affairs GK questions based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates those who are preparing for Upcoming Banking exams can use these questions.

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1). Who has launched the NHAI’s (National Highways Authority of India) Masala Bond at the London Stock Exchange, UK?
a)  Sushma Swaraj
b)  Rajnath Singh
c)  Nitin Gadkari
d)  Narendra Modi
e)  Ravi Shankar Prasad

2). Which of the following Light Combat Aircraft has successfully test fired Derby Air-to-Air Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missile in RADAR guided mode?
a)  Tejas
b)  Agni
c)  Param
d)  Vikranth
e)  Suryadesh

3). GM crop regulator GEAC has recommended the commercial use of genetically modified mustard in a submission to the Environment Ministry amid opposition by anti-GM groups. What is the full form of GEAC?
a)  Geology Engineering Appraisal Committee
b)  Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee
c)  Genetic Eclipsed Appraisal Committee
d)  Geographic Engineering Appraisal Committee
e)  Genetic Engineering Accordance Committee

4). Which of the following State Government has Announced that Saturdays will be no bag days in all government schools?
a)  Manipur
b)  Maharashtra
c)  Meghalaya
d)  Madhya Pradesh
e)  Uttar Pradesh

5). Which of the following has been declared the world’s largest bust (sculpture) by the Guinness World Records?
a)  Menshikov
b)  Reliquary
c)  The Veiled Nun
d)  Adiyogi
e)  Chief Beshekee

6). Which of the following is released by the Centre for Equity Studies (CES), in terms of exclusion from access to public goods, Dalits, Adivasis and Muslims continue to remain the worst-hit communities?
a)  Indian Exclusion Report
b)  Indian Extreme Report
c)  Indian Enrique Report
d)  Indian Export Report
e)  Indian Extended Report

7). The External Affairs Ministry is holding its first outreach programme, Videsh Sampark in which of the following places?
a)  New Delhi
b)  Imphal
c)  Hyderabad
d)  Mumbai
e)  Lucknow

8). Which of the following surface-to-air missile was test fired by India from a test range in Odisha as part of missile launch practice of a series of tests of the short-range quick reaction?
a)  Barik
b)  Trishal
c)  Ashwini
d)  Spyder
e)  Mahari

9). Two researchers from the Department of Chemistry at IIT Madras successfully produced white light using a mixture of two natural extracts – red pomegranate and turmeric. Name of the Researchers is
a)  Vikram Singh and Ashok Mishra
b)  Veeran Singh and Ashok Mishra
c)  Vikram Singh and Anupav Mishra
d)  Vikash Singh and Ashok Mishra
e)  Vikram Singh and Amar Mishra

10). Who among the following has been appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for Hepatitis in South-East Asia Region by World Health Organization?
a)  Dinesh Kumar Sarraf
b)  Jin Liqun
c)  Amitabh Bachchan
d)  Kristalina Georgieva
e)  Kiran Kumar

11). Who among the following has been appointed as UN Humanitarian Chief by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres?
a)  R. S. Sharma
b)  Mark Lowcock
c)  Fatma Samoura
d)  Gianni Infantino
e)  Vinod Rai

12). Mother’s Day is observed on Which date?
a)  May 13
b)  May 12
c)  May 14
d)  May 15
e)  May 16

13). Who has been appointed as the member of President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (PACFBNF) by the US President Barack Obama?
a)  Manjit Singh
b)  Naushad Forbes
c)  Ashish Chauhan
d)  Filippo Grandi
e)  Yoshiharu Ueki

14). India’s first contactless business credit card has been launched by which of the following banks?
a)  IDBI
b)  IOB
d)  SBI
e)  Syndicate

15). Which of the following mobile app is launched by Islamic State (IS), for children to teach them the Arabic alphabet?
a)  Maharoof
b)  Huroof
c)  Mushthab
d)  Hajibshu
e)  Kalibshu

16). RJI, a subsidiary of RIL, has launched “JioMoney Wallet” , a digital wallet service, for Indian consumers. RIL refers to
a)  Respectory Indonesian Limited
b)  Reinsurance Industries Limited
c)  Reliance Innovative Companies Limited
d)  Reliance Industries Limited
e)  Researchers Industries Limited

17). Who among the following Indian women wrestlers won silver medal at the Asian Wrestling Championship in New Delhi?
a)  Vinesh Phogat
b)  Bula Choudhury
c)  Kavita Chahal
d)  Rahi Sarnobat
e)  Sandhya Agarwal

18). Who won a gold medal in the men’s 200-metre T44 event at the 2017 World Para Athletics Grand Prix in China?
a)  Sebastian Vettel
b)  Lewis Hamilton
c)  Valtteri Bottas
d)  Ramudri Someswara Rao

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