Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for Upcoming SBI PO Exams 2017

[Dated: 27th April] Important Current Affairs GK Quiz for Upcoming SBI PO Exams (14th&15th April 2017):

Dear Readers, Here we have given the Current Affairs GK questions based on the previous days Daily Current Affairs updates. Candidates those who are preparing for Upcoming Banking exams can use these questions.
1).Which state government approved the bill proposing life term for the slaughter of cows, calves, bulls and bullocks and up to ten years imprisonment for transporting beef in the state?
a)  Haryana
b)  Punjab
c)  Tamil Nadu
d)  Manipur
e)  Gujarat

2). Which City will have India’s first privately-run railway station?
a)  Chennai
b)  Hyderabad
c)  Chandigarh
d)  Bhopal
e)  Lucknow

3). Which State government has announced extend financial assistance to farmers for fertilizers?
a)  Andhra Pradesh
b)  Karnataka
c)  Manipur
d)  Telangana
e)  Punjab

4). The US military dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb ever deployed in combat on an Islamic State tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan. The Bomb name is what?
a)  Massive Order Air Blast Bomb
b)  Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb
c)  Massive Ordnance Aero Blast Bomb
d)  Massive Ordnance Air Buster Bomb
e)  Modern Ordnance Air Blast Bomb

5). India was partnership with which country for international security, stability and meets the fundamental interests of people of the two countries?
a)  Russia
b)  Bangladesh
c)  Iran      
d)  Australia
e)  Singapore

6). How much Amounts eNAM transacts which is a record business in one year?
a)  55 thousand crore
b)  15 thousand crore
c)  50 thousand crore
d)  15 thousand 
e)  1 Lakh

7). What is the name of the Solar System in which NASA reveals new insights?
a)  Oceanic Wave
b)  Earth amuse
c)  Ocean worlds
d)  Universe Wonders
e)  Diverse Nature of Atmosphere

8). In which place 7th Junior National Hockey Championship begins?
a)  Lucknow
b)  Shimla
c)  Chandigarh
d)  Bangalore
e)  Bhopal

9). Which of the following inunder the command of the Indian Air Force which is the biggest conventional bomb of India
a)  Smart Probe Impact and Cost Effective bomb
b)  Smart Precise Improved and Cost Effective bomb
c)  Smart Precise Impact and Calculative Effective bomb
d)  Smart Precise Impact and Cost Effective bomb
e)  Small Precise Impact and Cost Effective bomb

10).In which of the following Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said the service charge does not exist and it is being wrongly charged.
a)  Automobile Sector
b)  Food and drink bills
c)  Aviation Sector
d)  Railways
e)  Infrastructure

11). Who lays foundation stone for Rs.100-crore Ambedkar park?
a)  Nitish Kumar
b)  Vijay Rupani
c)  Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed
d)  N Chandrababu Naidu
e)  Naveen Patnaik

12).Which State government has signeda Memorandum of Understanding with Centre for the ‘Power for All’ scheme in the state?
a)  Andhra Pradesh
b)  Karnataka
c)  Manipur
d)  Uttar Pradesh
e)  Punjab

13). Which China’s flag carrier, suspend flights from China’s capital Beijing to North Korea’s capital Pyongyang?
a)  China AirWave
b)  China ware
c)  Air China
d)  Beijing Express
e)  Tsoung Carrier

14). Fully-airconditioned Maitree Express will travel from which of the following two cities?
a)  Tane-Kolkata
b)  Dhaka-Kolkata
c)  Dhaka-Koraghpur
d)  Dhaka-TIspur
e)  Delhi-Kolkata

15). Who win Asian Billiards Championship title 2017?
a)  Pankaj Advani
b)  Sourav Kothari
c)  Geet Sethi
d)  Michael Ferreira
e)  Subhash Agarwal

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