English Cloze Test Questions – New Pattern Day-5

English Cloze Test Questions – New Pattern Day-5

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Directions (Q. 1-10):

High ranking military veterans (1) [toying] in politics, after they have had a distinguished career in the Indian armed forces, raises serious issues. (2) [admitting] noble intentions they are bound to get sucked(3)[for] a political minefield, where the principles they upheld for decades could be blown to smithereens. For military personnel in active duty (4) [on] the time this creates a dilemma, since the principles in which they are rigidly grounded no longer seem sacrosanct. While to outsiders it may appear simply (5) [unrelated] that senior military veterans have taken a shine to electoral politics, for those in uniform, it represents a serious conflict of interest. In that context, a former military chief (6) [tread] into the political arena becomes even more disconcerting. In the deep rooted ethos of the Indian armed forces a chief of the army, navy or air force is accorded institutional (7) [praise] befitting a demigod. This is also the case with a former military chief, who symbolizes the institution of the armed forces. So when he embraces electoral politics where (8) [they] value system inevitably gets compromised, it is the institution that feels a betrayal of its principles. “Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away” is an old wartime ballad that captures this ethos, (9) [refuse] these professionals to never give up their value system. And it is well known that the league of Indian Ex-Service Men (IESM) is a vibrant organization that remains in sync with its brethren in uniform. Thus the (10) [kinship] of military veterans too has a reciprocal responsibility to their comrades in uniform.

1). ?

  1. Idle
  2. Dabbling
  3. loitering
  4. poking
  5. No change required

1). Ans:- B

Explanation:- The correct option is ‘dabbling’ as it refers to playing or taking part into.

2). ?

  1. against
  2. although
  3. Despite
  4. Supposing
  5. No change required

2). Ans:- C

Explanation:- ‘Despite’ here refers to inspite of or regardless of.

3). ?

  1. In
  2. On
  3. at
  4. into
  5. No change required

3). Ans:- A

Explanation:- The correct preposition will be ‘in’ as per the context.

4). ?

  1. In
  2. Into
  3. Of
  4. At
  5. No change required

4). Ans:- D

Explanation:- Here, the preposition to be used will be ‘at’ according to the meaning of the sentence.

5). ?

  1. Improper
  2. Irregular
  3. incongruous
  4. inconsistent
  5. No change required

5). Ans:- C

Explanation:- ‘ Incongruous’ refers to be conflicting or contradictory.

6). ?

  1. Ascending
  2. Pace
  3. Descending
  4. Stepping
  5. No change required

6). Ans:- D

Explanation:- In the following part, ‘stepping’ means to move into, which matches with the meaning.

7). ?

  1. Worship
  2. Devotion
  3. Reverence
  4. Disdain
  5. No change required

7). Ans:- C

Explanation:- ‘Reverence’ means, esteem and respect.

8). ?

  1. His
  2. Her
  3. Their
  4. Its
  5. No change required

8). Ans:- A

Explanation:- The correct pronoun will be ‘his’ as in the previous part, ‘he’ is being referred to.

9). ?

  1. Forcing
  2. Imploring
  3. Entreat
  4. Plead
  5. No change required

9). Ans:- B

Explanation:- Here, ‘imploring’ refers to encourage.

10). ?

  1. Fraternity
  2. House
  3. Society
  4. Affiliation
  5. No change required

10). Ans:- A

Explanation:- ‘Fraternity’ means ‘community of people with same characteristics.

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