English Questions (Cloze Test) – New Pattern Day-1

English Questions (Cloze Test) – New Pattern Day-1

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Directions (Q. 1-10): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningful.

The move to make New Delhi’s (1) [recognizable] Connaught Place a pedestrian zone from February, and keeps (2) [through] cars and other vehicles from its middle and inner circle roads, during a three-month trial programme is an inspiring attempt to reconquer public space. Urban design in India is the preserve of State governments and local bodies, which (3) [having] failed spectacularly to provide a safe, comfortable and accessible experience for walkers. The pilot project in the national capital (4) [representing] a refreshing change, taking a leaf out of the book (5) [into] global cities that have pedestrianized their landmarks, often in the face of conservative opposition. Prominent examples are Times Square in New York and the (6) [range] along the Seine in Paris, and the curbs on cars in central avenue in Madrid. Contrary to apprehensions that restrictions (7) [affects] commercial activity, the experience around the world has been quite the opposite: better walking and public transport infrastructure and availability of food plazas attract more people, improving the local economy. In America, pedestrian injuries (8) [run low] after vehicles were removed from Times Square, beginning seven years ago. Globally this has been the trend too when cities curb car use and clean up the air. Such examples should (9) [turn] the Ministry of Urban Development that it is moving in the right direction, and if anything, this needs to be (10) [long] to other cities.


  1. Iconic
  2. Ideal
  3. important
  4. supreme
  5. No change required.


  1. In
  2. down
  3. up
  4. out
  5. No change required.


  1. has
  2. have been
  3. have
  4. had been
  5. No change required.


  1. Represented
  2. Represent
  3. Represents
  4. will represent
  5. No change required.


  1. In
  2. On
  3. Of
  4. At
  5. No change required.


  1. Root
  2. Route
  3. Way
  4. Journey
  5. No change required.


  1. Effect
  2. affecting
  3. affect
  4. has affected
  5. No change required.


  1. degraded
  2. decreased
  3. depreciated
  4. shrink
  5. No change required.


  1. Assure
  2. satisfy
  3. draw
  4. convince
  5. No change required.


  1. Lengthy
  2. Extended
  3. Reduced
  4. Condensed
  5. No change required.

Answers with Explanations

1).‘iconic’ means renown and historic, which matches the noun.

Answer: A

2).The correct preposition will be ‘out’ and it combines with the verb ‘keep’ as ‘keep out’. Answer: D

3).The correct helping verb will be ‘have’.

Answer: C

4).It is a general sentence in the simple present tense, so, ‘represents’ will be right.

Answer: C

5).‘of’ will be correct preposition.

Answer: D

6).Talking about the distance, ‘route’ will be used.

Answer: B

7).It is a general sentence, so ‘affect’ will be used.

Answer: C

8).‘Decreased’ will be used as it is for countable.

Answer: B

9).‘Convince’ is right which means to make them agree.

Answer: D

10).‘Extended’ will used here which means to spread in other cities, and goes with the meaning of the sentence.

Answer: B


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