Important General Awareness Questions about Economy/Banking for SBI PO 2017

    Important General Awareness Questions about Economy/Banking for SBI PO 2017
    Important General Awareness Questions about Economy/Banking for SBI PO 2017:
    Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the list of important General Awareness Questions about Economy / Banking for the upcoming SBI PO2017Examination. Candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this.
    1). Which of the following has recommended Reserve Bank of India to reduce the interest rate by 0.75% ?
    a)  SEBI     
    b)  Assocham     
    c)  SBI      
    d)  IMF    
    e)  NABARD 

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    2). Central government has announced 100% penalty for cash transaction over _________.
    a)  2 Lakhs     
    b)  3 Lakhs       
    c)  2. 5 Lakhs     
    d)  5 Lakhs      
    e)  7.5 Lakhs

    3). Name the company which has won the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell BlackBerry handsets in India ?
    a)  Infocom Mobiles    
    b)  Lurex Tech Infra   
    c)  Maxx Iter Tech   
    d)  Optiemus Infracom   
    e)  Radiff Tech 

    4). Nearly how much amount does the I&B Ministry earned by selling old junk and trash that had accumulated over the years?
    a)  Rs.25 lakh    
    b)  Rs.12 lakh      
    c)  Rs.15 lakh      
    d)  Rs.11.5 lakh   
    e)  Rs.17 lakh

    5). With which of the following countries India has bought amendment for their existing bilateral taxation treaty to prevent tax evasion?
    a)  Myanmar   
    b)  Austria    
    c)  Ethiopia     
    d)  UAE   
    e)  Vietnam 

    6). Gaurav Kapur has been recently appointed  as the chief economist of which bank?
    a)  IndusInd Bank     
    b)  Federal Bank     
    c)  Canara Bank     
    d)  South Indian Bank    
    e)  Indian Bank

    7). Recently Lok Sabha passed the bill Payment of Wages (Amendment) Bill, 2017 which makes employers to pay wages to workers through ________.
    a)  Cash     
    b)  DD     
    c)  NEFT   
    d)  Cheque   
    e)  Voucher

    8). Which bank has recently opened three completely automated branches in the US which do not employ any human?
    a)  JPMorgan Chase     
    b)  SunTrust Bank    
    c)  Morgan Stanley      
    d)  HSBC Bank     
    e)  Bank of America

    9). What is the Repo Rate announced by RBI in 6th Bi-monthly meet of 2016-17 FY?
    a)  5.75%    
    b)  6.25%    
    c)  5.5%    
    d)  6.75%    
    e)  6.0%

    10). Which of the following has decide to form a advisory committee on financial technology or fintech-related issues?
    a)  SEBI    
    b)  RBI    
    c)  SBI     
    d)  EXIM    
    e)  NSE

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