Important General Awareness Questions for LIC AAO 2016

    Important General Awareness Questions

    Important General Awareness Questions for LIC AAO 2016 Set-23:                            
    Dear Readers, Important GK Questions for Upcoming Exams was given here with answers. Aspirants can use these questions for their preparations.

    1).How much fund has been approved for the improvement of the urban infrastructure in 474 cities under Atal Mission for Urban Rejuvenation and Transformation (AMRUT)?
    a)  Rs. 19,170 cr
    b)  Rs. 18,190 cr
    c)  Rs. 17,160 cr
    d)  Rs. 16, 180 cr
    e)  Rs. 15, 180 cr

    2). Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has recently launched a new plan called “Jeevan Akshay IV” for the people having age group between ______.
    a)     35 years to 80 years
    b)     30 years to 85 years
    c)     25 years to 70 years
    d)     20 years to 75 years
    e)     22 years to 55 years

    3).Which of the following has recently approved $1.5 billion loan for Clean India Campaign to support the Indian government?
    a)     WTO
    b)     WHO
    c)     World Bank
    d)     UN
    e)     G-7

    4). Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)?
    a)     Arun Kumar
    b)     P K Sinha
    c)     Najib Shah
    d)     Anita Kapur
    e)     None of these

    5). The Combined Commanders Conference, headed by PM Narendra Modi was held on the board of _________.
    a)     INS Valsura
    b)     INS Vikramaditya
    c)     INS Vikrant
    d)     INS Shivalik
    e)     INS Kolkata

    6).Who is the winner of the Air Rifle Gold in the 59th National Shooting Championship?
    a)     Anuja Jung
    b)     Shweta Chaudhary
    c)     Apurvi Chandela
    d)     Anjali Bhagwat
    e)     None of these

    7).Who has been appointed as the new Lokayukta of Uttar Pradesh?
    a)     Justice Mohit S Shah
    b)     Justice Navin Sinha
    c)     Justice K Sridhar Rao
    d)     Justice Virendra Singh
    e)     None of these

    8).Who has been honoured with the 2015 European Tour Golfer of the year award?
    a)     Nick Faldo
    b)     Jordan Spieth
    c)     Tiger Woods
    d)     Rory Mcllroy
    e)     None of these

    9).Who is the author of the book-“The End of Plenty”?
    a)     Joel K. Bourne Jr
    b)     Ben S. Bernanke
    c)     Nandan Nilekani
    d)     Radha Kant Bharati
    e)     None of these

    10).Which of the following countries has recently test-fired the nuclear capable ballistic missile Shaheen-1A?
    a)     Israel
    b)     Afghanistan
    c)     Pakistan
    d)     China
    e)     Russia


    1). a) 2). b) 3). c) 4). a) 5). b) 6). c) 7). d) 8). d) 9). a) 10). c)

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