Important General Awareness Questions for LIC AAO 2016

    Important General Awareness Questions for LIC AAO 2016
    Important General Awareness Questions for LIC AAO 2016 Set-22:                            
    Dear Readers, Important GK Questions for Upcoming Exams was given here with answers. Aspirants can use these questions for their preparations.

    1). Which of the following countries has received the official credit for discovery of element 113 in the periodic table?
    a)   Germany
    b)   Japan
    c)   China
    d)   Russia
    e)   Australia

    2). RBI has announced to all scheduled commercial banks to open their branches in the villages with population above _______ without a bank branch.
    a)   5,000
    b)   10,000
    c)   25,000
    d)   50,000
    e)   75,000

    3). Who is the winner of prestigious 2015 Sangita Kalanidhi Award?
    a)   Sanjay Subrahmanyam
    b)   Sonu Nigam
    c)   Malini Rajurkar
    d)   Sreevalsan J Menon
    e)   None of these

    4). Who is the head of the committee which was constituted by the Union Ministry of Information& Broadcasting to look into the revamp the film certification nuances by Censor Board of Film Censors (CBFC)?
    a)   Mani Ratnam
    b)   Adoor Gopalakrishnan
    c)   Budhdhadeb Dasgupta
    d)   Shayam Bengal
    e)   None of these

    5).Who among the following has been selected to head the panel to examine the wage structure and service conditions of Gramin Dak Sevaks?
    a)   Kamlesh Chandra
    b)   Rituparno Ghosh
    c)   Shaji N Karun
    d)   Prakash Jha
    e)   None of these

    6). With which of the following India has exchanged the list of their nuclear installations and facilities?
    a)   Japan
    b)   Pakistan
    c)   Russia
    d)   China
    e)   America

    7).Name the person who has been appointed as the Deputy Chief of Air Staff?
    a)   Arup Raha
    b)   Pradeep Vasant Naik
    c)   Norman Anil Kumar
    d)   R K Singh Bhadauria
    e)   None of these

    8). Union Government has recently signed a Financing Agreement of 50 million dollars with which of the following Organizations?
    a)   WTO
    b)   World Bank
    c)   ADB
    d)   AIIB
    e)   NDB

    9).Who is Natalie Cole?
    a)   Singer
    b)   Dancer
    c)   Journalist
    d)   Politician
    e)   Athlete

    10).Name the Light Combat Aircraft from India will take part in Bahrain Airshow?
    a)   Rudra
    b)   Dharun
    c)   Tejas
    d)   Barak
    e)   None of these

    1). b) 2). a) 3). a) 4). d) 5). a) 6). b) 7). d) 8). b) 9). a) 10). c)

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