Important General Awareness Questions for LIC AAO-2016

    Important General Awareness Questions for LIC AAO-2016 Set-10
    Important General Awareness Questions for LIC AAO-2016 Set-10:                            
    Dear Readers, Important GK Questions for Upcoming Exams was given here with answers. Aspirants can use these questions for their preparations.

    1).Which Initiative was launched by India and France Jointly?
    a)   Mission Innovation
    b)   International Solar Alliance
    c)   Anticipate, Absorb, Reshape
    d)   Together We go
    e)   None of these

    2).The United Nations Climate change Conference (COP21) began at which place?
    a)   Copenhagen
    b)   Paris
    c)   Bali
    d)   Geneva
    e)   Tokyo

    3).Name the one of the most popular Russian film directors of the Soviet era who died?
    a)   Eldar Ryazanov
    b)   Andrei Konchalovsky
    c)   Gustave Flaubert
    d)   Sergei Eisenstein
    e)   None of these

    4). NATO agreed to maintain 12000 troops in the year 2016 in which Country?
    a)   Turkey
    b)   Syria
    c)   Afghanistan
    d)   Iraq
    e)   Iran

    5). Name the renowned violinist who will be awarded with the sangeet samman at the ITC Sangeet Sammelan which held at Kolkata?
    a)   A Subramaniam
    b)   L Subramaniam
    c)   Johar Ali Khan
    d)   Nandhini Muthuswamy
    e)   None of these

    6). Name the renowned Sarangi player belonging to sainia gharania who died?
    a)   Ustaad Sabri Khan
    b)   Ustad Bhundhu Khan
    c)   Allah Rakha
    d)   Sabir Khan
    e)   Ram Narayan

    7). Which Latin American Country announced that it is facing the longest recession since 1930’s?
    a)   Argentina
    b)   Chile
    c)   Columbia
    d)   Brazil
    e)   Austria

    8). Which of the following state passed the Factories Amendment Bill 2015?
    a)   Karnataka
    b)   Maharashtra
    c)   Kerala
    d)   Punjab
    e)   Assam

    9).Who among the following assumed the presidency of the Royal Society in London?
    a)   Sri Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
    b)   Prof.Kamal Bawa
    c)   Prof.Ajay Sood
    d)   Prof.John Kuriyan
    e)   None of these

    10). By what % India grew between July and September making it the fastest growing economy in the world?
    a)   7.4%
    b)   6.4%
    c)   5.4%
    d)   4.4%
    e)   5.9

    1).b)  2).b ) 3).a ) 4).c ) 5).b  6).a) 7).d )   8).b)  9). a) 10). a )

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