Important General Awareness Questions for LIC AAO-2016

Important General Awareness Questions for LIC AAO-2016 Set-4
Important General Awareness Questions for LIC AAO-2016 Set-6:                            
Dear Readers, Important GK Questions for Upcoming Exams was given here with answers. Aspirants can use these questions for their preparations.
1).Name the Indian Origin Businessman of Nepal, chairman of Shree Airlines Died?
a)   Kheikho Zhimomi
b)   Surendra Pal Roi
c)   Sandeep Dikshit
d)   Banwari Lal Mittal
e)   None of these

2).Who was appointed as director of the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore?
a)   Shasank Manohar
b)   Dilip Vengsarkar
c)   Brijesh Patel
d)   Vikram Singh
e)   Sandeep Dikshit

3).Who was appointed as the Director of rediffusion/Edelman in India?
a)   Rakesh Thukral
b)   Vinod Moorthy
c)   Jimmy Mogal
d)   Abhshek Narang
e)   Vikram Singh

4).RBI shifted the issue date of sovereign Gold Bond by four days to enable their smooth uploading into
a)   e-laxmi System
b)   e-Dhanlaxmi System
c)   e-Bhagyalaxmi
d)   e-Kuber System
e)   e-transfer system

5).India successfully test-fired its nuclear capable dhanush ballistic missile with a strike range of 350km from a naval ship named?
a)   INS Vikramaditya
b)   INS Vikrant
c)   INS Subhadra
d)   INS Satpura
e)   INS Mumbai

6).Name the Anti Submarine Warfare Corvete built by GRSE that was formally handed over to Indian Navy at Kolkata?
a)   INS Kavaratti
b)   INS Kadmatt
c)   INS Aridhmann
d)   INS Kittan
e)   INS Subhadra

7).1stDay-Night test played between Australia and New Zealand at?
a)   Adelaide Oval
b)   Eden park
c)   Brisbane Cricket Stadium
d)   Melbourne Cricket  Stadium
e)   None of these

8).World Robot Olympiad (WRO) venue ?
a)   Doha, Qatar
b)   Delhi, India
c)   Singapore City
d)   Bangkok ,Thailand
e)   Dubai,UAE

9).What number of applicants received in-principle approval by the RBI to setup and operates Trade Receivables Discounting System (TReDS)?
a)   2
b)   3
c)   4
d)   1
e)   5

10).Name the Joint Exercise which was attended by SAARC member Countries?
b)   Malabar
d)   Mitra Shakti
e)   None of these

1). d) 2).b)  3).b)  4).d)  5).c)  6).b)  7).a)  8).a)  9).b)  10).c)

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