Important Idioms and Phrases- Meanings with Examples Part-II:

    Tips for Idioms and Phrases
    Important Idioms and Phrases- Meanings with Examples Part-II:
    Important Idioms and Phrases with its exact meaning and example was given here, candidates those who are preparing for all competitive exams can use this. 

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    1.) Take up:
    Meaning- have as one’s career
    Example- After his studies hetook up teaching.

    2.) Try one’s hand:
    Meaning- do an activity for the first time
    Example- Hetries his hand in cotton export.

    3.) From scratch:
    Meaning- from nothing
    Example- We built up this businessfrom scratch

    4.) Answer in the negative:
    Meaning- say ‘no’ to a proposal
    Example- When I asked her whether she would join the tour sheanswered in the negative.

    5.) On the other hand:
    Meaning- contrary to something
    Example- She is rich;on the other hand her sisters are poor.

    6.) Catch up with:
    Meaning- overtake
    Example- Soon our carcaught up with the taxi.

    7.) Refuse to take no for an answer:
    Meaning- have the guts to continue with one’s efforts
    Example- He succeeded as a businessman because herefusedto take no for an answer.

    8.) Be drawn towards somebody:
    Meaning- be attracted by someone
    Example- Crowds of peoplewere drawn towards Gandhiji.

    9.) A discovery of pain:
    Meaning- a painful experience
    Example- For the small child the operation was adiscovery of pain.

    10.) Dream becomes true:
    Meaning- ambition is fulfilled
    Example- When he passed the I.A.S examination hisdream became true.

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