Important Idioms and Phrases- Meanings with Examples Part-III

    Important Idioms and Phrases
    Important Idioms and Phrases- Meanings with Examples Part-III:
    Important Idioms and Phrases with its exact meaning and example was given here, candidates those who are preparing for all competitive exams can use this.


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    1.) Take good care of
    Meaning: look after
    Example: The mothertakes good care ofthe baby.

    2.) Once in a while
    Meaning: occasionally
    Example:Once in a while he goes for Medical checkup.

    3.) Pave the way for
    Meaning: show the path to
    Example: Hepaved the way for painless surgery.

    4.) Carve an identity for oneself
    Meaning: make a mark for oneself
    Example: Keatscarved an identity for himself in the world of poets.

    5.) Point out
    Meaning: indicate
    Example: The teacherpointed out the mistakes in the essay.

    6.) Yearn for
    Meaning: long for
    Example: The soldiersyearned for a holiday.

    7.) Race away
    Meaning: move very fast
    Example: The lorry hit a passerby andraced away.

    8.) Absolves someone of blame
    Meaning: declare that one is innocent
    Example: A detailed inquiryabsolved her of blame.

    9.) Out of control
    Meaning: in a state difficult to manage
    Example: A few minutes after the take off the plane wentout of control.

    10.) Make history
    Meaning: do something great so as to be remembered by people
    Example: Neil Armstrongmade history by setting foot on the moon.

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