Important Idioms and Phrases- Meanings with Examples Part-V

    Important Idioms and Phrases- Meanings with Examples
    Important Idioms and Phrases- Meanings with Examples Part-V:
    List of Idioms and Phrases and its meanings with example which was expected in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

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    1.) Pay one’s debt:
    Meaning – repay a loan
    Example – You mustpay your debt before the end of this month.
    a.   Money
    b.   Pay loan
    c.   Selling
    d.   Price

    2.) Keep one’s word:
    Meaning – keep one’s promise
    Example – An honest man alwayskeep his word
    a.   Poor man
    b.   Rich man
    c.   Honest man
    d.   Gentle man

    3.) Leave in the care of:
    Meaning – trust someone
    Example – Heleft his house in the careof his friend when he went abroad.
    a.   Believe someone
    b.   Fraud activities
    c.   Cheating
    d.   Stealing

    4.) On one’s side:
    Meaning – be favorable to
    Example – We are hopeful that the verdict will beon one’s side
    a.   Favorable
    b.   Ensure
    c.   Charity
    d.   Parched

    5.) According to:
    Meaning – as told by
    Example –According tothe police it was a clear case of suicide
    a.   Others decision
    b.   Others opinion
    c.   Others views
    d.   None of these

    6.) Battle of wits:
    Meaning – heated argument in which intelligence dominates
    Example – The debate was entirely abattle of wits
    a.   Pleasant talks
    b.   Cool opinions
    c.   Heavy argument
    d.   Happy chats

    7.) Thanks to:
    Meaning – because of
    Example –Thanks toyour help I got high marks in the examination
    a.   Because of
    b.   Respect
    c.   Hatred
    d.   Forgive

    8.) In the course of:
    Meaning – during the period of
    Example –In the course ofthe lecture the speaker told us many stories
    a.   Particular period
    b.   Given period
    c.   Long years back
    d.   None of these

    9.) Be bound to:
    Meaning – be certain to
    Example – Youare bound topass the examination.
    a.   Mentioned
    b.   Certainly
    c.   Judging
    d.   Popularly

    10.) Cut off:
    Meaning – remove by cutting
    Example – His thumb wascut off in the mishap.
    a.   Joined
    b.   Ability
    c.   Removed
    d.   gained

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