Important Information and Preparation Strategy for SBI PO Preliminary Exam 2015

    Preparation Strategy for SBI PO Preliminary Exam 2015
    Important Information and Preparation Strategy for SBI PO Preliminary Exam 2015:
    Important Information and Preparation Strategy for SBI PO Preliminary Examination was given below. Candidate those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

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    Important Information about SBI PO Preliminary Exam:
    State Bank of India is the largest Public Sector Bank and the Industry captain with a golden heritage of about two centuries and years of participation in the process of nation building through development banking.  On an over expanding banking horizon, globalization has opened up infinite business opportunities at home and abroad.

         A great sense of fulfillment from an opportunity to serve the nation through participation in development oriented banking activities as also multiplicity of other commercial activities in the financial sector like Forex, Treasury, Credit etc.

        Bank Probationary Officers’ Exam as the name suggests, is meant to select personnel for prestigious and high profile jobs in the banking sector. The prestige and responsibility attached to the job has been centre of attractions for years. In a sense, as a career opportunity it is second to none. So promising youths with soaring ambitions are attracted towards it.

    Preparation Strategy for SBI PO Preliminary Exam:

         For sure successes in the examinations candidates are advised to make preparation strategy perfect in all respects and assess their performance through SET (Self Evaluation Test) at regular interval so that they could prepare their Progress Chart. Candidates should pay attention to the following facts during their preparation:

    ·        Knowledge of the detail syllabus of the exam.
    ·        Availability of authentic and useful study material.
    ·        Continuous improvement in Speed& Accuracy
    ·        To prepare a Progress Chart
    ·        Sincere effort to improve weak areas after recognizing them.
    ·        To observe facts analytically and then comprehending it.
    ·        Revising at regular interval
    ·        To adopt Short Cut or Tricky Method only after comprehending the conceptual and theoretical aspects of all the Test papers.

    The questions in the section may be asked form the following topics-
    ·        Passage Comprehension
    ·        Common Errors
    ·        Sentence Improvement
    ·        Fill in the blanks
    ·        Cloze Test
    ·        Paragraph Rearrangement
    ·        Antonyms and Synonyms


    Under this section questions based on Verbal and Non-Verbal types are asked. The syllabus might include:

    ·        Analogy
    ·        Classification
    ·        Word Formation
    ·        Series
    ·        Alphabet
    ·        Ranking/Arrangement
    ·        Coding& Decoding
    ·        Blood Relation
    ·        Distance and Direction
    ·        Input
    ·        Symbol& Notation
    ·        Password
    ·        Statement and Conclusion
    ·        Syllogism
    ·        Assumptions
    ·        Arguments
    ·        Courses of Action
    ·        Scheduled Day or Date
    ·        Mathematical Problem
    ·        Data Sufficiency
    ·        Problem Solving
    ·        Data Analysis

    Non Verbal:
    ·        Analogy
    ·        Classification
    ·        Finding the Missing Figure

    It may be noted that till date no question has been asked from Non-Verbal Section in Bank PO Online Exams.


       Candidates should pay attention to the following facts in course of their preparation:
    ·        Analyse the questions of previous exams quantitative and qualitatively. This will give a clear view of the questions of the said examination
    ·        Never read Mathematics. It means start Mathematics with pen and paper.
    ·        Emphasise on concept building
    ·        Believe in continuous rigorous practice. It will consolidate your confidence and help in Time Management by improving speed and accuracy, the two gems of success in today’s exams.
    ·        Self-evaluate yourself regularly

    The brief syllabus for this section is given below:

    § Simplification,
    § Numbers Series,
    § LCM& HCF,
    § Ration and Proportion,
    §  Partnership,
    § Percentage
    § Average
    § Profit and Loss
    § Simple Interest
    § Compound Interest
    § Alligation or Mixture
    § Time and Work
    § Time and Distance
    § Elementary Algebra
    § Area& Perimeter
    § Volume and Surface Areas
    § Approximate Value
    § Date Interpretation
    § Data Sufficiency
    § Permutation and combination
    §  Probability

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