Important Marketing Questions for SBI PO Exam Preparation- Set 5

    Important Marketing Questions
    Important Marketing Questions for SBI PO Exam Preparation- Set 5:             
    List of Important Marketing Questions for the SBI PO Exam were given below. Candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use these questions to score more marks. 

    1).What is the three major personal influences believed to affect the consumer buying decision process?
    a)   Demographic, situational and attitudes.
    b)   Personality, learning, and perception.
    c)   Perception, motives, and attitudes.
    d)   Situational, lifestyle, and demographic
    e)   Situational, perception, and motives

    2).The purchase of _______ is least likely to be affected by demographic factors.
    a)   a computer for home use
    b)   table salt
    c)   a car
    d)   fast food
    e)   low fat cheese

    3).Buyers tend to remember information inputs that support their beliefs and forget inputs that do not. This is known as selective ________.
    a)   information
    b)   exposure
    c)   retention
    d)   organisation
    e)   distortion.

    4).If a consumer receives information that is inconsistent with her or his feelings or beliefs, the consumer may alter this information. This is known as selective:
    a)   information
    b)   distortion
    c)   retention
    d)   organisation
    e)   exposure

    5).Psychological forces that influence where a person purchases products on a regular basis are called_______.
    a)   Shopping motives
    b)   Patronage motives
    c)   Convenience responses
    d)   Pattern responses
    e)   Routine decision

    6).A dept interview is MOST likely to be used to_____.
    a)   Identify a buyer’s personality.
    b)   Increase a buyer’s knowledge of a product.
    c)   Discover a buyer’s motives.
    d)   Influence a buyer’s perceptions of a product
    e)   After a buyer’s attitudes towards a product.

    7).Having used both Mum and Sure deodorants; Ann feels that Sure is a good product and the one that best meets her needs. She has formed ________ about Sure.
    a)   a cognition
    b)   a motive
    c)   an evoked
    d)   an attitude
    e)   a self-concept

    8).A consumer’s buying decisions are affected in part by the people around him or her. These people and the forces they exert on a buyer are called_______.
    a)   Roles
    b)   Social factors
    c)   Motivational influences
    d)   Personality influences
    e)   Cultural influences

    9).Damien is torn between buying a new swing set for his children and buying a new set of Wilson golf clubs for him. He is experiencing ______.
    a)   Belief assessment
    b)   Cognitive dissonance
    c)   Role inconsistency
    d)   Attitude formation
    e)   personality

    10).Which among the following is MOST likely to be a product for which both the purchasing decision and the brand decision are strongly influenced by reference groups?
    a)   Soap
    b)   Bed linen
    c)   Leans
    d)   Instant coffee
    e)   Canned peaches

    1). d)   2). b)   3). c)   4). b)   5). b)   6). c)   7). d)   8). b)   9). c)   10). c)

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