Important Marketing Questions- Set 23

    Important Marketing Questions
    Important Marketing Questions- Set 23:             
    List of Important Marketing Questions for the SBI PO Exam were given below. Candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use these questions to score more marks.

    1.) When a customer likes a product and talks about it, this becomes an example of
    a)   Dislinking
    b)   Marketing
    c)   Favouring
    d)   Soliciting
    e)   Word-of-mouth advertising

    2.) ________ indicates the buying process of customer.
    a)   Evaluating of alternatives
    b)   Separating decision
    c)   Purchase decision
    d)   Information search
    e)   Need recognition

    3.) The supply chain that stretches from raw materials to ______ represents a value delivery system.
    a)   Final products for final buyers
    b)   Warehouses for storage
    c)   Production stage
    d)   Suppliers
    e)   Factory entrance point

    4.) Market segmentation means ______
    a)   Making selling arrangement
    b)   Grouping sales team
    c)   Grouping the customers as per their needs
    d)   Grouping bank office staff

    5.) Which of the following is not a part of buying decision process of customer?
    a)   Seeking discount
    b)   Problem recognition
    c)   Purchase decision
    d)   Information search
    e)   Evaluation of alternatives

    6.) Which of the following is described as being too impersonal and one-way communication?
    a)   Sales promotion by door-to-door campaign
    b)   Personal selling
    c)   Direct Marketing
    d)   Public relations
    e)   Advertising

    7.) A Marketing network consists of the company and its ______
    a)   Distributions only
    b)   Employees only
    c)   Supporting stock holders
    d)   Shareholders only
    e)   Suppliers only

    8.) Aggressive marketing is the result of ________
    a)   Increased job situation
    b)   Outsourcing
    c)   Increased marketing staff
    d)   Increased competition
    e)   Increased production

    9.) Value Added Service means ________
    a)   Old products
    b)   Extra service in addition
    c)   Highly valuable products
    d)   Low value products
    e)   Substituted product

    10.) Which of following is not a part of four P’s of marketing mix?
    a)   Place
    b)   Price
    c)   Promotion
    d)   Product
    e)   Person

    1). e)   2). c)   3). a)   4). c)   5). a)   6). e)   7). a)   8). d)   9). b)   10). e)
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