Important Points to Know about Export – Import (Exim) Bank of India

    Important Points to Know about Export – Import (Exim) Bank of India
    Important Points to Know about Export – Import (Exim) Bank of India:
    Important points that we have to know about Export – Import (Exim) Bank of India was given here, which will be more helpful for the candidates those who are preparing for the upcoming exams.

    Export – Import Bank of India:

    1).Export – Import (Exim) Bank of India is the premier export finance institution in India

    2).It was established in1982under theExport – Import Bank of India Act, 1981

    3). Headquarters –Mumbai, Maharashtra

    4). Chairman& Managing Director –Yaduvendra Mathur

    5).Theproducts and services provided by Exim bank are as follows
    ·        Corporate finance
    ·        Export Credit
    ·        Export Services
    ·        Line of Credit
    ·        Film financing
    ·        Small& Medium Enterprises (SME) and Agro Finance

    6).Exim Bank plays an important role in partneringIndian Industries in theirglobalization efforts by providing a wide range of products and services in all the following stages of the business cycle
    ·        Import of technology
    ·        Export product development
    ·        Export production
    ·        Export marketing
    ·        Pre-shipment
    ·        Post-shipment
    ·        Overseas investment

    7). The Exim Bank is managed by aBoard of Directorswho arerepresentatives from the following organizations
    ·        The Government
    ·        Reserve Bank of India
    ·        Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
    ·        A financial institution
    ·        Public Sector Banks
    ·        Business community

    8). The Bank’s functioning is done by several operating groups as follows
    ·        Corporate Banking Group – it handles the financing programmes forExport Oriented Units(EOUs), Importers and Overseas investment by Indian companies
    ·        Export Marketing Services Group – it assists Indian companies to establish their products in overseas markets to promote Indian export
    ·        Export Services Group – provides advisory and value added information services to promote investment
    ·        Project / Trade Finance Group – it handles export credit services such as supplier’s credit
    ·        Small and Medium Enterprise Group – it handles credit proposals from SMEs under various lending programmes of the Bank
    ·        Support Services Group – it handles the following products and services
    a.   Research& Planning
    b.   Treasury& Accounts
    c.   Loan Administration
    d.   Internal Audit
    e.   Management Information Services
    f.     Information Technology
    g.   Human Resources Management
    h.   Corporate Communications

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