Important Points to know about IBRD

    Important Points to know about IBRD
    Important Points to know about IBRD:
    Important points that we have to know about the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) were given here, which will be more helpful for the candidates those who are preparing for the upcoming exams.


    1).TheInternational Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) is an international financial institution that offers loans to middle income developing countries
    2).It is the1st of the 5-member institutions that form theWorld Bank Group
    3).Headquarters –Washington DC
    4).Head –Jim Yong Kim (President of the World Bank)
    5).It was established in1944 to finance the reconstruction of European nations devastated byWorld War II
    6).IBRDwithInternational Development Association forms theWorld Bank
    7).IBRDwas established at theBretton Woods Conference in 1944 along withInternational Monetary Fund(IMF) and became operational in1946
    8).1stloan of2.6 billion dollars was provided toFrance in1947
    9).Members –188of the UN countries
    10).IBRD provides financial services as well as strategic coordination and information services to its borrowing countries
    11).IBRD manages the World Bank’s
    ·        Debt portfolio of100 billion dollars
    ·        Financial derivatives transactions of20 billion dollars
    12).IBRD operates aDeferred Drawdown Option which serves as a line of credit with features similar to the World Bank’s flexible loan program
    13).IBRD offers
    ·        Policy-based guarantees to cover thesovereign default risk
    ·        Partial credit guarantees to cover thecredit risk
    14).The IBRD assists in the development of social infrastructure by financing special programmes of development of education health and training
    15).It provides loans to governments and public enterprises
    16).IBRD helps in establishment of projects in backward areas
    17).IBRD supports special programmes related to the development in the following sectors
    ·        Forest
    ·        Post
    ·        Agriculture
    ·        Urban services
    ·        Housing projects
    ·        Sewerage development of underground railways

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