Important Time Management Strategy for IBPS Clerk V Mains Exam – (Keep in Mind)

    Important Time Management Strategy for IBPS Clerk Mains Exam:

    IBPS Clerk Mains Online Exam has been scheduled to be held on 2nd January 2016 and 3rd January 2016. Most of the candidates have lot of confusion about the time management during the examination. Here we have given the time management tips, which will give you an idea about the examination.


    Valuation of the Exam:
    For IBPS Clerk Mains 2015 Exam, for a correct answer 1 mark will be awarded and 0.25 will be deducted for every incorrect one. There will be no negative marking for questions that are unanswered. Apart from overall cutoff, a sectional cutoff will also be there. Hence, your focus should be both on speed and accuracy.

    IBPS Clerk Mains 2015 – How to Attempt
    In order to crack IBPS Clerk Mains 2015, you need to develop a strategy instead of a study plan. Here are a few pointers which might help you.

    Computer Knowledge
    Ideal Time Spent: 10-15 minutes
    Read Computer Books from your school time. Those books are absolute gems in this section.
    1.   Take first choice as COMPUTER section as it takes much less time.
    2.   Do not go deep in the subject. This is a pretty straightforward section. Even if any tough questions are asked, you can skip those.
    3.   You’ll either know the answer or you won’t so you can judge the question within seconds. A mere 15-20 minutes will be ideal.

    General Awareness
    Ideal Time Spent: 10-15 minutes
    1.   Current Affairs and GK updates occurred in the month of September to December 2015. A lot of questions are asked from the few months leading up-to the examination. Choose this section as second option.
    2.   Banking is priority. You need to focus majorly on Banking Terms and latest developments in the world of banking.
    3.   Avoid guess work. You need to score big or just skip.

    Reasoning Ability 
    Ideal Time Spent:25-30 minutes
    1.   Attempt Analogy and Syllogism based Questions first. They can be easily solved and time consumed by these sections could be probably less.
    2.   Questions based on Statement and Assumption, Coding-Decoding and Puzzles require Critical Thinking. If you follow the logic you can easily score maximum marks allotted to these sections.
    3.   You might require additional time for solving problems based on Blood Relations, Data Sufficiency and Seating Arrangement.

    Numerical Ability
    Ideal Time Spent: 30-35 minutes
    1.   DI consists of Bar Graphs, Pie Charts and Tables. If you are quick in calculations, do not skip this sections the questions are simple to give the answer.
    2.   Simplification based questions should be the next target. Try and learn the values of commonly used approximations in advance.
    3.  Avoid lengthy calculations. Much like every examination, you need to leverage calculation speed over time. Try learning a few shortcut tricks to calculate the solution faster.

    English Language
    Ideal Time Spent: 20-25 minutes
    1.   Begin with Cloze Test. A passage consisting of 10 questions will be asked in IBSP Clerk Mains Exam.
    2.   Reading Comprehension can be time consuming. Try skimming and reading at a faster pace as the language might be confusing.
    3. Synonyms Antonyms and Sentence Improvement based questions should be solved right after Cloze Test. They can be solved pretty quickly provided you take them up early in exam.

    As per the IBPS Exam Trends, a total score of 140-155 will be good enough to Crack IBPS Clerk Mains 2015 Exam. This would mean you need to attempt over 155 Questions with 90% accuracy.
    If you are week in any subject don’t spend much time on it, else you can spend that extra time in the subject where you are strong. So divide your time accordingly, keeping in mind that sectional cut-offs also exist.

    The most important things you need to focus for your success are:
    ·        Focus on the topics that you have already covered, do not learn any new topics at this time.
    ·        Maintain a list of the topics where you need to brush-up
    ·        Track your mistakes and practice the questions where you face difficulty.
    ·    Time management plays a key role in success. Work this out according to your strengths and weaknesses.
    ·    Revise your topics thoroughly; make short note points, it will help you to revise easily.
    ·     Try to skip group studies; this will only waste your time.
    ·   Read the question paper carefully and present your answer well. Choose the question which you’re most confident about.
    ·   Divide the entire 2hrs of time in-to your convenience i.e, if you are comfortable with Quant then spend 5 more minutes on it. But don’t waste time on one particular topic.
    ·       Stay calm and don’t let the stress get to you. Take breaks and relax your mind. In order to do well in the exam, your mind needs to be stress-free.
    ·  Never give-up at any stage of the exam. Think once, if you are facing difficulty everyone will face the same. Be focused to get the result what you expected till the final moment.
    ·    Finally revise all the topics that we have provided previously and those give you an insight for the exam.

    “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”Bruce Lee.

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