Important Tips to Get More Marks in Aptitude Section- IBPS PO V Prelims Exam

Important Tips to Get More Marks in Aptitude Section- IBPS PO V Prelims Exam
Important Tips to Get More Marks in Aptitude Section- IBPS PO V Prelims Exam:
Dear Readers, Hope you all preparing well for your upcoming IBPS PO Prelims examination, and we are providing relevant materials which will give more confident to face the examination. As per our followers request, here we have provided some important tips to score more marks in the Aptitude Sections.

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Time duration of IBPS PO Prelims examination is very low, and it’s very challenging to score more marks in this pattern. If you have good plan then you can score marks here.
Here we have presented a planning to attend the Aptitude Section in a better way, and this is for the candidates those who are feeling difficult to clear the Aptitude Section. 

 Question Pattern for Aptitude Section in IBPS PO V Prelims Exam:

Number of Questions
Total Marks
Expected Questions in Quantitative Aptitude Section:
1.) Data Interpretation(Chart)-5+5 Questions
2.) Quadratic Equations-5 Questions
3.) Number Series-5 Questions
4.) Simplification-5 Questions
5.) Miscellaneous-10 Questions
Miscellaneous Questions includes- Time& Speed, Profit and Loss, Average, Simple& compound Interest, Age, Ratio& Proportion. 

Data Interpretation:
Data Interpretation is one of the favorite part for most of the banking aspirants, everyone will start the Aptitude Section with DI and we can score easily in this type of questions. We all knew that in IBPS PO Prelims there will be 10 questions from DI which will be in two parts (5+5). In each part three questions will be asked directly and you can get answers easily, Person those who are genius in Maths can easily attends all the questions, and for the candidates those who have trouble in Maths can attend minimum 6 Questions (3+3) correctly.
Data Interpretation: Minimum-6 Marks

Quadratic Equations:
Next to DI, here comes the Quadratic Equation, which was one of the expected questions in the Bank PO Exams, in this type questions usually three of the questions will be easy to solve and you can get answers easily.
Quadratic Equations: Minimum-3 Marks

Number Series
In Number Series questions, everybody will try to attend all the five questions, and we can attend three questions easily.
Number Series: Minimum-3 Marks

5 questions will be asked in this type and however it takes some time to solve, and we can get answers for 4 questions.
Simplification: Minimum-4 Marks

Final part is Arithmetic, here totally 10 questions will be asked and here we have given the possible type of questions that may be asked in the Arithmetic questions.    
·        Age Problems-1question
·        Profit and Loss- 1 question
·        Time and Work-1 question
·        Partnership-1 question
·        Probability-1 question
·        Train Sum- 1 question
·        Integration-1 question
·        Question type that asked in two to three lines theory- 3 questions
In this part, you can choose the questions based on your interest and in which topic you are strong. Here you can attend 4 questions correctly.
Arithmetic: Minimum-4 marks

Total-20 Marks

Moderate Attempts
Time Duration
20 Minutes
Note: This Strategy was given for the candidates those who feel difficult in Aptitude Section.
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