Insurance Awareness Quiz Set-1

    Insurance Awareness Quiz
    Insurance Awareness Quiz Set-1:
    List of Important Insurance Awareness Quiz for the upcoming Insurance exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the exams can us this.

    1). FSDC stands for_______
    a)   Fiscal Security and Development Committee
    b)   Financial Stability and Development Council
    c)   Fiscal Stability and Development Council
    d)   Financial Security and Development Council

  • 2).Among the following terms, which is not used in insurance sectors?
    a)   Coverage
    b)   Casualty
    c)   Misuse Alert
    d)   Indemnity

  • 3).When was the IRDA has formed in India?
    a)   19 April, 2000
    b)   1 Jan, 2001
    c)   31 Dec, 2002
    d)   15 March, 1999

  • 4).Where was the Headquarters of General Insurance’s Public Sector Association of India is located?
    a)   New Delhi
    b)   Mumbai
    c)   Bangalore
    d)   Kolkata

  • 5).IFRS stands for_______
    a)   International Financial Regulatory Systems
    b)   Indian Financial Reporting Standards
    c)   International Financial Reporting Standards
    d)   Indian Financial Regulatory Standards

  • 6).Name the Public Sector Organization, which provides insurance coverage for exporters?
    a)   ECGC
    b)   SBI
    c)   IDBI
    d)   IRDA

  • 7).The amount collected by insurers from the policy holders at certain intervals in order to keep the policy enforce is called as_______.
    a)   Imbursement
    b)   Premium
    c)   Levy
    d)   Contribution

  • 8).When a Bank distributes insurance products as a corporate agent then it is called as_____.
    a)   Insurance Banking
    b)   General Insurance
    c)   Deposit Insurance
    d)   Bancassurance

  • 9).Which of the following country is known as the origin of The Life Insurance?
    a)   Moscow
    b)   Rome
    c)   Italy
    d)   Beijing

  • 10).Among the following types loans, which one is related to “Teaser Rates”?
    a)   Home loans
    b)   Auto Loans
    c)   Business Loans
    d)   Personal Loans
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