List of GK Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Assistant Exam Held on 26th Sep 2015 (1st Shift)

    List of GK Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Assistant Exam Held on 26th Sep 2015 (1st Shift)
    List of GK Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Assistant Exam Held on 26th Sep 2015 (1st Shift):
    List of GK Questions Asked inIBPS RRB Assistant Exam held on 26thSeptember 2015 (1st Shift). Candidates whose who are preparing for Upcoming Exams 2015 can use it.

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    1). Which is the oldest stock exchange in the world?
    Answer is:Amsterdam Stock Exchange

    2). Who is the new chairman of the 20th Law Commission of India?
    Answer is:Justice Ajit Prakash Shah

    3). Indian Government has announced the merger of the commodities regulator Forward Market Commission (FMC) with _______
    Answer is:Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

    4). Who is the author of the book- “Making India Awesome”?
    Answer is:Chetan Bhagat

    5). What is the present headquarters of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI)?
    Answer is:Hyderabad, Telangana

    6). What is the currency of Tajikistan?
    Answer is:Tajikistani Somoni

    7). Who is Aadesh Shrivastava?
    Answer is:Music Composser

    8). Who appoints the chairperson and the members of NHRC?
    Answer is:President of India

    9). The 10th World Hindi Conference (WHC) was organized at ______ from 10th to 12th September 2015.
    Answer is: Bhopal.

    10). Who is the Chairman of 14th Finance Commission of India?
    Answer is:Y V Reddy

    11). GPS Stands for _____
    Answer is:Global Positioning System

    12). The World Photography Day is observed on ______.
    Answer is:19th August

    13). Who is the winner of 2015 Italian Grand Prix?
    Answer is:Lewis Hamilton

    14). Bajrang Kumar is related to which sports?
    Answer is:Wrestling

    15). Who is the first woman Director General (Electronics and Communication System) of DRDO?
    Answer is:J Manjula

    16). Which of the following bank has launched India’s first robotic locker facility?
    Answer is:ICICI Bank

    17). What is the new Slogan that PM Narendra Modi has coined during speech in his second Independence Day address in the Red Fort?
    Answer is:“Start-up India and Stand-up India”

    18). Who is the first Finance Minister of Independence India?
    Answer is:Sir Ramasamy Kandasamy Shanmukham Chetty

    19). International Day of Yoga is observed on______
    Answer is:21st June

    20). Which is the first Indian state to launch a new renewable energy program which use solar energy to power the agricultural sector?
    Answer is:Gujarat

    Remaining Questions will be updated immediately….

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