List of GK Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO (Officer Scale-I) Exam Held on 12th Sep 2015 (2nd Shift)

    List of GK Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO (Officer Scale-I) Exam Held on 12th Sep 2015 (2nd Shift)
    List of GK Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO (Officer Scale-I) Exam Held on 12thSep 2015 (2nd Shift):
    List of GK Questions Asked inIBPS RRB PO (Officer Scale-I) Exam held on 12thSeptember 2015 (Second Shift). Candidates whose who are preparing for Upcoming Exams 2015 can use it.

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    1). Who is the Brand Ambassador for Gender Equality?
    Answer:Anupam Kher

     2). Who is the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports of India?
    Answer:Sarbananda Sonowal

    3). What is the name of the mobile application introducted by SBI?
    Answer:SBI Buddy

    4). What is the Currency of Singapore?
    Answer:Singapore Dollar

    5).In MIBOR, “I” stands for _______
    Answer:MIBOR- Mumbai Inter-Bank Offer Rate

    6). What is Headquarters of Allahabad Bank?

    7). Bandhan Bank was earlier called as________
    Answer:Development Cooperative Bank

     8). Bishkek is the capital of ____________

    9). Which of the following Bank has launched the “Payzapp” mobile application?

    10). EPFO comes under which of the following ministries?
    Answer:Ministry of Labour and Employment

    11). Which of the following is not provided by Payment Bank?
    Answer:Credit Card

    12). Which state celebrates Onam Festival?

    13). Which Bank has started the Tatkal Loan?
    Answer:State Bank of India

    14). Which Yojna has provided Rs. 50000 crore for Farmers?
    Answer:Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana

    15). Joshna Chinapa is related to which of the following sports?

    16). Who is the author of the novel “Lowland”?
    Answer:Jhumpa Lahiri

    17). Kolkata is located on the bank of which river?
    Answer:Hooghly River

    18). How much fine has been imposed on Nestle?
    Answer:Rs. 640 crore

    19). Who is the first Women to climb the mount Everest in India?
    Answer:Bachendri Pal

    20). Which is the first Airport to operate with solar power?
    Answer:Cochin Airport

    21). What is the Initial Corpus of MUDRA?
    Answer:Rs. 20,000 Crore

    22). Okhla Bird Sanctuary is located at______

    23). What is the Headquarters of International Development Association?
    Answer:Washington DC

    24). What is the Venue of Cricket World Cup 2019?
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