List of Important General Awareness Questions for Bank PO and Clerk Exams Set-27

List of Important General Awareness Questions
List of Important General Awareness Questions for Bank PO and Clerk Exams Set-27:
The List of Important Expected GK Questions for Upcoming Bank PO and Clerk Exams was given below. Candidates those who are preparing for the examinations can use these questions.

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1).There is a change in the base year pushed up the economic growth rate for 2013-14 to 6.9%. The base year for computing national accounts has been revised from 2004-05 to________.
a)   2009-10
b)   2008-09
c)   2006-07
d)   2005-06
e)   2011-12

2).What is the amount of the non-performing assets (NPAs) of the nationalized bank in 2013-14?
a)   Rs. 1.65 lakh cr
b)   Rs. 92,861 cr
c)   Rs 16,145 cr
d)   Rs. 9,116 cr
e)   Rs. 2.16 lakh cr

3).Who has won the women’s singles title of the Australian Open 2015?
a)   Ana Ivanovic
b)   Sarah Brandner
c)   Serena Williams
d)   Eugenie Bouchard
e)   Maria Sharapova

4).As per the news published in financial newspapers, nine public sector banks are getting fresh capital infusion as announced by the Finance Minister in Union Budget 2014-15. How much money was earmarked in the budget for same?
a)   Rs. 11,200 cr
b)   Rs. 16,800 cr
c)   Rs. 12,500 cr
d)   Rs. 15,200 cr
e)   None of these

5).Which financial institution, established in 1978, which insures all bank deposits, such as savings, fixed, current, and recurring deposits for up to a certain limit?
a)   GIC
b)   DICGC
c)   LIC
d)   BCSBI
e)   None of these

6). Phee Teik Yeoh, the present CEO _________ in India?
a)   GoAir
b)   Indigo Airlines
c)   Vistara Airlines
d)   Spicejet
e)   Jet Airways

7).The Union Government has decided to reduce its stake in the 27 PSBs down till 52% to meet the higher capital requirement for meeting the Basel-III norms, which will come into effect from April?
a)   2018
b)   2015
c)   2016
d)   2017
e)   2019

8).The 2015 G-20 Summit, the 10thannual meeting of the G-20 heads of Government, will be held on 15-16 November 2015 in __________.
a)   Brishbane, Australia
b)   Antalya, Turkey
c)   Athens, Greece
d)   Saint Petersburg, Russia
e)   Cannes, France

9).Which pairs of countries and their central banks are not matched correctly?
a)   Canada-Reserve Bank of Canada
b)   Switzerland-Swiss National Bank
c)   UK-Bank of England
d)   Sri Lanka-Central Bank of Sri Lanka
e)   China-People’s Bank of China

10).According to Reverse Bank of India, the bad loans of nationalized banks has increased in 2013-2014. It also means ____________?
a)   NPAs of the banks have increased.
b)   The loan portfolio of these banks shrinked in this period
c)   Banks lent much in this period.
d)   Banks have not earned good profit during the period.
e)   None of these

1). e)   2). e)   3). c)   4). a)   5). b)   6). c)   7). e)   8). b)   9). a)   10). a)

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