List of Insurance and Financial Awareness Questions for Upcoming Insurance Exams Set-4

    List of Insurance and Financial Awareness Questions
    List of Insurance and Financial Awareness Questions for Upcoming Insurance Exams Set-4:
    The list of Important Questions from Insurance and Financial Awareness for Upcoming Insurance Exams was given here; candidates those are preparing for this examination can use these questions.

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    1).Deposit Insurance Corporation was established in__________.
    a)   1932
    b)   1942
    c)   1952
    d)   1962
    e)    1972

    2).Export Risks Insurance Corporation was started in________.
    a)   1957
    b)   1958
    c)   1959
    d)   1960
    e)    1975

    3).Insurance to factory labourers is provided by__________.
    a)   Employees Deposit Insurance Corporation
    b)   Employees Security Insurance Corporation
    c)   Employees State Insurance Corporation
    d)   Employees Risk Insurance Corporation
    e)    None of these

    4).The insurance company controlled by General Insurance Corporation of India is______________.
    a)   The New India Assurance Company
    b)   State Insurance Corporation
    c)   Deposit Insurance Corporation
    d)   Life Insurance Corporation
    e)    None of these

    5).Lumpsum payment of premium is made under__________.
    a)   Life insurance
    b)   marine insurance
    c)   fire insurance
    d)   social insurance
    e)  Personal Insurance

    6).Liability Insurance is a classification based on_________.
    a)   business undertaken
    b)   risk involved
    c)   nature of insurance
    d)   amount involved
    e)    None of these

    7).An insurance intermediary acts either on behalf of the client or______________.
    a)   the insurance company
    b)   the insurance agents
    c)   the insurance brokers
    d)   the re-insurance brokers
    e)    None of these

    8).Which of the following is NOT a part of insurance intermediary?
    a)   Insurance consultant
    b)   Premium collection
    c)   Insurance brokers
    d)   surveyors
    e)    None of these

    9).An insurance agent for a life insurance is called ___________.
    a)   Corporate agent
    b)   Absorbed agent
    c)   Composite insurance agent
    d)   Register agent
    e)    None of these

    10).Agency can be terminated in one of the following circumstances
    a)   Fulfilling minimum business
    b)   Non-fulfilling minimum business
    c)   Renewal of the license
    d)   Loyal and good
    e)    None of these

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