List of Insurance and Financial Marketing Questions for Upcoming Insurance Exams Set-5

    List of Insurance and Financial Awareness Questions for Upcoming Insurance Exams
    List of Insurance and Financial Marketing Questions for Upcoming Insurance Exams Set-5:
    The list of Important Questions from Insurance and Financial Awareness for Upcoming Insurance Exams was given here; candidates those are preparing for this examination can use these questions.

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    1).Which is the first Indian Life Assurance?
    a)   Oriental Life Assurance Company Ltd
    b)   Imperial Life Assurance Corporation
    c)   Swadeshi Life Assurance Company
    d)   Bombay Mutual Assurance Society Ltd

    2).The Life Insurance Corporation Act was passed in which year?
    a)   1956
    b)   1960
    c)   1966
    d)   1970

    3).LIC functions on a structure with ______.
    a)   Single tier
    b)   Two tier
    c)   Three tier
    d)   Four tier

    4).Life Insurance Corporation of India came into existence on______.
    a)   September 1956
    b)   October 1956
    c)   November 1956
    d)   December 1956

    5).The Chairman if LIC is appointed by__________.
    a)   RBI
    b)   NBFI
    c)   Central Government
    d)   State Government

    6).Foreign branches of LIC reports directly to the_________.
    a)   RBI
    b)   Central Office
    c)   Finance Ministry
    d)   External Ministry

    7).The Policy holders of LIC have direct contact with_______.
    a)   Divisional Office
    b)   Branch Office
    c)   Zonal Office
    d)   Local Office

    8).Branch Offices of LIC look after the activities of Policy holders at the level of_________.
    a)   90%
    b)   75%
    c)   80%
    d)   50%

    9).Who is the incharge of the Branch Office?
    a)   Director of LIC
    b)   Senior Branch Manager
    c)   Senior Divisional Manager
    d)   Chief Executive Officer

    10).Postal Life Insurance comes under the control of_______.
    a)   State Government
    b)   Municipal Corporation
    c)   Central Government
    d)   Federal Government

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