List of Top 50 Questions that asked in IBPS Clerk Interview 2015

    IBPS Clerk Interview 2015
    List of Top 50 Questions that asked in IBPS Clerk Interview 2015:
    The List of top 50 questions that asked in the IBPS Clerk Interview were given below, Candidates those who are yet to attend the IBPS Clerk Interview and preparing for IBPS Exams can use this.

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    1.) In future if you get selected in PO, then what will you do?
    2.) What are the interest rate on saving/ current/ accounts?
    3.) What is meant by Retail Banking?
    4.) Given examples for short term and long term loan?
    5.) Are you a team leader or a team player?
    6.) How will deal a most difficult customer?
    7.) According to you, which is most important in your job?
    8.) Tell me a thing about you, which makes you more proud?
    9.) Which thing motivates you more?
    10.)      What will you do, when your superior shouted on you?
    11.)      Which situation irritates you more?
    12.)      Who is the Parade Commander on66th Republic Day?
    13.)      World Yoga day was observed on?
    14.)      Who is the most popular personality in social networking?
    15.)      What are the types of Loan/DBT?
    16.)      Who is the speaker of Rajsabha?
    17.)      Which is the official language of banks?
    18.)      Which operating systems are used in banks?
    19.)      What is East India Policy?
    20.)      Rajbasha day was observed on?
    21.)      Who won the Noble Peace Prize 2014?
    22.)      Define CASA and its importance?
    23.)      Tell be the qualities of a Good Clerk?
    24.)      What is NPA?
    25.)      Define Financial Inclusion?
    26.)      Define Financial Literacy?
    27.)      What is Money Laundering?
    28.)      Define REPO/SLR/CAR/CRR Rate, how it is controlled?
    29.)      What is the latest change that was made in Financial Sector?
    30.)      Differentiate RTGS/NEFT?
    31.)      Tell me the difference between Credit card and debit card?
    32.)      What is Third Party Product?
    33.)      What are Assets/liability products?
    34.)      What are the current asset/liabilities?
    35.)      Define balance sheet?
    36.)      What is the main income source of a bank?
    37.)      Who is the owner of RRB?
    38.)      What are the banking Apex institutions?
    39.)      Name three Women CEOs in banking sector?
    40.)      Who is the Chairman of PNB?
    41.)      What is the objective of establishing BMB?
    42.)      What are your hobbies in Internet?
    43.)      What are the different types of banks?
    44.)      What is your strength and weakness?
    45.)      Recently, which bank has submerged in SBI?
    46.)      Do you think, you are overqualified for this post?
    47.)      Why are you applying for banks with technical degree?
    48.)      Why should I select you?
    49.)      How will you be useful to our bank?
    50.)      Which is the Youngest and Latest Public Sector Bank?

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