Alphabet Series

In the logical reasoning section, it is an important topic for the candidates to prepare. In the alphabet series, the questions are based on the  English alphabet. Mostly all of the competitive exams will have questions from the alphabet series topic. In this logical reasoning alphabet series category page, you will get regular study materials for the preparation of various competitive exams such as SBI Clerk / PO, IBPS RRB, IBPS Clerk PO, IDBI executive, etc.

For all these exams alphabet series preparation is very important. Actually this is a very simple topic to prepare. On continuous preparation, you will get speed and accuracy automatically. Here we will add questions on the alphabet series regularly for your exam practice. You can view the solutions also in a clear manner. If you are thorough with the alphabet positions, vowels, and consonants, then you can easily solve any type of questions from the alphabet series topic.

In some questions, you will get a set of alphabet series. In each series, you will get 5 or 6 words with or without meaning. Each word will have 3 or 4 alphabets. So the questions will be in a form that you have to arrange the words in the alphabet order. Or else you have to arrange the alphabets within the word in ascending or descending order. In some questions, they will ask to interchange the alphabet positions within the words. Or else you have to change the vowels or consonants into the preceding or the next letter. For all these operations, you should be thorough with the English alphabet order and their numerical positions. On continuous practice, you can gain seed on this topic. Also, you can easily pick up the accuracy.

So candidates regularly practice with the logical reasoning alphabet series here. So that you can be thorough with all the above operations. This will make you eliminate your careless mistakes. Also, you can practice a wide variety of questions on the alphabet series topic. This is a simple topic in the exam. This may cover around 5 questions in the exam. If you practice well, you can get all the 5 questions right in just 3 to  4 minutes. So you can get an initial boost in the exam. This topic will save you time for other difficult topics. Also, you can boost your total score easily. So candidates look out for this page for regular questions on the alphabet series topic. For each exam, you can practice the alphabet series questions from the exam point of view. So keep on watching for this space for your exam preparation.