Major Functions of SEBI- General Awareness Materials

    Major Functions of SEBI
    Major Functions of SEBI- General Awareness Materials:
    The List of major functions of Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was given here below which is most expected part for the upcoming Bank PO/ Clerk and Insurance Exams.

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    SEBI was set up in 1988, and was made a Statutory Body in 1992.

    Major Functions of SEBI:

    ·        To promote the development of Securities Market and to regulate the Securities Market.
    ·        To Protect the Interest of Investor in Securities.
    ·        To overview the market operations, organizational structure and administrative control of exchange.
    ·        Registration and regulation of the working of the intermediaries.
    ·        For prohibit the unfair trade practices in the market.
    ·        Promoting and regulating self regulatory organizations.
    ·        To provide education for the investors and to give training for the intermediaries.
    ·        To regulate substantial acquisition of shares and to take over it.
    ·        Performing such functions and exercising such powers under the provisions of the securities contracts (Regulations) Act 1956 as may be delegated to it by the central government.

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